Geometric Tattoos

Written by: Jason White

This style is based on lines and geometric shapes which are used to complete a picture. Geometric tattoo styles not only use ornamental drawings—the artist can also use fine-lined images of plants and animals, such as birds.

Different types of lines used for drawing:

  • Curved
  • Straight
  • Meandering
  • Broken

Other geometric forms the masters can use are circles, squares, triangles, trapezius, et cetera. The most popular style is having such geometric tattoos done in black, but they can also be done in color.

This style is often combined with others, in particular Dotwork tattoos. While two-dimensional images are characteristic of geometric tattoos, it can be possible to achieve a three-dimensional look using these combined styles.

In such tattoos, the basic composition consists of a framework of a geometric figure with all the action occuring inside.

Geometric Tattoo Ideas




The circle. There are a variety of sketches combining circles with lines, and these form mysterious images. Often, circles are applied on the back, along the spine, or on the hands. Some believe that the circle symbolizes the integrity of human nature.


In the sketch, this shape can overlap with other triangles, circles, or other geometrical figures. A basic composition usually consists of a triangle with all the action of the image contained inside it.


Some say that the owners of tattoos containing squares are people who are calm and in harmony with nature; they are characterized by clarity of mind, firmness in decision-making and a general order in life.


Popular animal images tattooed in a geometric style include those of the wolf, fox, deer, owl, lion, and cat. Often, artists craft the silhouettes of these animals using lines and geometric shapes. On the other hand, sometimes masters draw the animals surrounded by geometric shapes, making the animal the center of the composition.

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