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Tattoos, in its layman terms, mean a body art in which a design is made from inks and dyes. Tattoos can be permanent or temporary in nature. Temporary tattoos wear off after a certain period of time, whereas permanent tattoos do not wear off and remain etched in the skin forever. In this article we will be sharing some of the best galaxy tattoo designs.

There are specific designs for tattoos with different symbolic expressions and with a different meaning. But the best ones are the colorful Galaxy Tattoo designs. Galaxies, in itself, are a massive combination of suns, stars, and planets pulled together by gravity. Having an exact replica of a universe in the form of a tattoo etched in our skin can be of importance to certain people. It represents what’s relevant to you and your goals and ambitions.

Having said that, here is a compiled list of best galaxy tattoo designs, ideas, and their meanings

Galaxy Tattoo Designs

Check out some Galaxy tattoo designs for full Sleeves.

Planet And Stars

Colored Planets and Stars are great designs for full sleeve galaxy tattoo. Numerous stars represent the various potential stored in said person.

planet and stars tattoo

Planets represent how big the heart of that person is or how generous the person is.


Having a cosmos as a tattoo will be great. Cosmos represents the whole system and pattern of the universe.

A man’s place in the cosmos is not even the size of an atom representing that a person should always be humble and down to Earth no matter what the circumstances are.

Sun Shining On Planets

Sun Shining on planets is also an excellent design for full sleeve galaxy tattoo. Some people refer to another person as ‘Light of my life’ or ‘sun of my life.’It means that said person radiates positive energy wherever he or she goes and will not hold back to cheer up a person on his gloomy day.

The Earth

Earth is the only planet right now supporting life to flora and fauna and us human beings. It provides us with air and all other elements necessary for our survival and well being no matter how much we damage it or mess things up.

Having the Earth as a galaxy tattoo signifies that a person is willing to support another person no matter how he/she messes up and supports them.

Half Sleeves Galaxy Tattoo

Galaxy Inside A palm

This is a great half sleeve galaxy tattoo design. Constellation inside a palm signifies that a person is highly ambitious to win the world. Such persons succeed in life and garner respect, admiration, and recognition from peers.

World Inside A Clock

The world inside a clock is another excellent half sleeve tattoo design. It’s a black and white design and truly brings out the artistic creativity from the tattoo drawer.

World Clock means that even the whole world runs on time. Time is the one free gift everyone receives without any bias, and a person should make good use of it.

The World Within The Reach

The world within reach is an exclusive half sleeve design. It is a rather standard design but, on the other hand, also an empowering and motivating design since it signifies that the whole world is within reach.

The Moon

The moon is a rather simplistic yet elegant design. Moon is the natural satellite of the Earth.

Its admiration and commitment to serve as a natural satellite of the Earth signifies that a person is having respect and admiration and loyalty of his/her significant other.

Galaxy Tattoo Design

A Woman Protecting The World

It is a standard design all over. Also, it is a simple yet powerful design. It signifies that a superior force is protecting the world from harm and nurturing and catering to all of the world’s needs.

Solar System

The Solar system is an incredible design for chests. Common yet elegant and straightforward captivates the charm and attractive design.

Having our entire solar system in the chest, a person can genuinely stay humble by knowing that he or she is just a part of something bigger than himself or herself and that this too…shall pass.

Black Hole

Blackhole, along with some planes around it, is an excellent design for the chest region. Blackhole signifies a place that even light cannot get out.

It means whatever the circumstances are. A person should not let the light around him get sucked into a gloomy dark place. He should always stay happy and should reek of positive energy.


These are some of the Galaxy tattoo designs and their symbolism and their meaning. When we look up into the clear sky and stargaze, we notice the billions of stars and the moon. We realize how small we are and even small our problems, and our tensions are. Just looking at stars fill our heart with new dreams and aspirations and with a newfound optimism.

If just by looking at the sky gives us a relaxing feeling, imagine how we will feel having a tattoo of the galaxy, and its counterparts etched to our skin. It will really feel great and so will give us another level of satisfaction.

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