Flower Tattoos

Written by: Jason White

Flower tattoos can vary in kind, size, number of flowers, tattooing style, and placement—each unique sketch holds its own attraction!

Thinking of getting a flower tattoo? Read on to see pictures of the best flower tattoo ideas and sketches for possible inspiration, organized by style, placement, flower type, and plot.

Flower Tattoo Ideas


The most popular flower chosen for tattoos is the rose. Roses symbolize love, hope, beauty, and passion. In turn, an image of this flower with thorns means severe pain, signifying a loss.


Despite its fragility and small size, a jasmine produces an intense, exotic, and sweet fragrance that can be intoxicating. Jasmine buds only open at night to release their beautiful aroma, adding to its mysterious allure that has captivated thousands of tattoo owners. Sketches with a jasmine flower are popular both as a single flower and as a bouquet.


One of the most popular tattoos is the image of a lotus since this figure is considered relevant by both women and men. The lotus flower is associated with knowledge, purity, and spiritual enlightenment.

Most often, such lotus flowers are inked on the body as small tattoos, emphasizing its sophistication and tenderness.


Unlike other flower tattoos, peony tattoos are often done in black and white. This is due to its unusual buds forming large, voluminous, and luxurious petals. Such dimensions in a flower look beautiful even without color.

However, colorful tattoos of peonies are also popular among women and men. Most often these are large-scale tattoos on the arm, hip, or back.

Cherry blossom or sakura

Cherry blossoms are in bloom for only a short time (sometimes just a few hours!), and even a light gust of wind can make the petals fall and put an end to the flowering. As such, the sakura tattoo has long been associated with the transience of life.

The traditional place for a cherry blossom tattoo is the back.

Sakura is one of the main images in the Japanese style of tattoos. Often you can find sketches of blooming cherries done in a watercolor tattooing style.


sunflower tattoo is always associated with warmth and happiness.


Orchids are also popular choices for tattoos. They are believed to symbolize sensitivity, ideal, and tenderness.


Making for a very popular tattoo, the lily is an exquisite and dainty-looking plant. The sketch can include only one flower or the whole bouquet in an ornamental style of tattooing. Another beautiful example is a tattoo of a single-stemmed lily, flanked by leaves and buds.


Hibiscus is an extraordinarily beautiful exotic flower, and a watercolor style of tattooing works best to convey it. These tattoos use a variety of colors, but are usually tattooed on with colorless contours. The more famous colors of hibiscus tattoos are red, white, purple, and deep blue.


While lavenders are actually herbs and not flowers, they remain crazily stylish. A popular version of the lavender tattoo is a sprig of thin, spreading branches with small gray-green leaves completely covered with long and flowering purple shoots. Delicate and graceful lines are used in the tattoo, so it is often inked (neatly hidden) on the neck, arm, scapula, or leg.


The aroma of tiny violets are soft, powdery,and romantic. Its subtlety leaves a mark on anyone who appreciates flowers.

Flower Tattoo Placement

There are no hard and fast rules about where to place these tattoos as you can choose to have them done anywhere! Do you want a small, hidden tattoo inside the ear, a delicate sketch on your wrist, or perhaps an attention-grabbing floral sleeve snaking up your arm? Check out the ideas below to help you decide!


Tattoo sleeves

On the arm

On the thigh

On the hand and wrist

On the back

Behind the ear

On the ankle and foot

Flower Tattoos with SMTH






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