Why do you peddle the same design in pairs?

Just in case you wanted to wear the same one twice, match with a friend, or if you mess
up the application on your first try. You never know when a spare may come in handy.
Thoughtful, huh?

How do you guys pay your designers?

The brilliant minds behind the Tattify designs get their cash on the back end. They take a
cut of the money from every tattoo or nail design that is sold. It’s a great incentive for them
to make the most appealing designs, as well as for you to support your favorite artists.
Read more here.

This is a sweet business with LOTS of retail potential. Can I get in on the action? Suppose I sell your tattoos and/or nails, and you cut me in?

Trying to capitalize on our product, eh? We like your style, too. We suppose there’s room
for one more on this gravy train. To find out more about wholesale and related material,
check out our wholesale page or email us at [email protected]

What’s a Mega Box?

A Mega Box is a magical thing. It’s a subscription to a clusterfuck of our products and appears
on your doorstep once a month. You get a curated selection of tattoos and nails that we release that month.

How much is the shipping for these potent pictorials?

Would you believe it? FREE shipping worldwide. They said we were crazy. At first we were
offended, because we’re clinically bi-polar, and that was pretty insensitive. Who doesn’t LOVE
free shipping? We think making YOU pay for shipping is the real mental illness.

These are sweet tats and nail decals, but how do I remove them?

Don’t worry. They come off with warm, soapy water. It’s usually pretty darn easy. We wouldn’t
call ’em temporary if they didn’t come off!

I haven’t got any more space for tattoos on my skin, how can I address this impossibly difficult dilemma?

Hmm, that’s a tough one. You could wait until the current ones slough off. Maybe clone
yourself to start fresh? Or you could start taking HGH and see if you can add a few inches of
tattoo canvas. I suppose you could also remove some of them. But that would just be weird.

I sure do heart all this art, but I can’t help but wonder if temporary ink can give me cancer. Does it contain any high fructose corn syrup?

Do yourself a favor and be careful or avoid our products altogether if you have sensitive
skin. If you have a rash or something, clear it up before you start decorating it. Our tattoos
are FDA approved, so there is that consolation.

How long do they last?

They last at least 2 days. Some of the ones with intricate, fine lines may start to wear off after 2
but for the most part, they last about 4- 5 days.

I’ve been living under a rock since 1993 and haven’t ever bought anything on the internet before! Is it safe?

Relax, uncle Remus, a lot has changed since the first gulf war. Internet commerce is all the
rage, and as a result there are tons of uber-geek safeguards that keep your credit card number
under lock and key.

How do I know what size I should get? What if I’m a large man upon whom a medium sized tattoo will look miniscule? Is there no obvious scale for me to check and solve this most pressing dilemma?

First, take a deep breath. Try several and count to ten at the same time. Okay, check out our
sizing chart to get an idea of our tattoo vs. your body part of choice. Next try comparing the
photos of other people we have posted. If you have a specific question in mind then email us
at [email protected]

Can I change or cancel my order?

You’ll have to do so quickly. Did we mention our shipping is super fast? There’s a two hour
window to correct any mistakes. To change or cancel orders swiftly send an email to [email protected]

There’s an error on my order. The tattoos aren’t coming, and I’ve got an orphanage full of children expecting stocking stuffers. Help.

Whoa, that’s a lot of pressure! Make sure you’ve completely filled out the order without any
mistakes, especially your name, address, and payment information. If it’s still not working, then
it might be a computer glitch. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll sort it out for you.

I just placed an order, but I’m greedy and realized I want to add more to it. What can I do?

There are two options available to you. One, you could live with the things you have and cultivate
serenity and peace in your mind. Or you could continue with your hedonism and place a second
order. We highly recommend that you go with the second option. Greed is GOOD, unless you work
on Wall Street.

Have a question that’s not already answered here? Email us at [email protected]

Hey, these make great gifts! Do you have any gift vouchers I could distribute amongst my friends?

Excellent questions deserve impeccable answers, so, in the spirit of giving, we have what you
need, and we’d love to give it to you! Email us at [email protected] to get yours today.

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