Fairy Tattoos

Written by: Pete

Are you looking for cute Fairy Tattoos? From tales of tooth fairies who left behind a shining coin in exchange for our teeth, to the fairy godmother who helped Cinderella attend the Royal Ball till the clock struck twelve, our childhood has been filled with stories of fairies and magic.

Fairy tales are a significant part of every child’s growing years. It is in this magical world of mystical creatures that we first learn to dream and desire. Fairy tales teach us lessons about love, life, and friendship; it shows us to believe in the possibility of everything and happy ever afters. Naturally, fairy tattoos are a common choice of symbolic meaning for many.

History of Fairy Tattoos

Fairies are mythical creatures with no definite source of origin. People can find their involvement in various cultural folklore.

Most of the time, people describe fairies as tiny creatures with a human form and wings and possess magical powers. In Christianity, fairies are angels; they can even be goblins or gnomes. However, Christians usually describe them for their trickery and playful ways. Moreover, fairies are creatures, from who, people protect themselves from using church bells or four-leaf clovers.

Fairies can be banshees whose cries were considered a bad omen and foretold tragedies. At present, fairies describe various positivity and good vibes. Also, they can be either sweet and beautiful, they charm with their looks and help with their powers.

From William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream to Tinker Bell, fairies find mention in literature and legends, as well as in art.

Fairy Tattoos Meanings

From the Latin word ‘fata,’ from which it is derived, fairy means fate. Fairy tattoos symbolize beauty, charm, and grace through their appearance. They send out vibes of kindness, positivity, love, and helpfulness through their deeds.

Fairies symbolize the alluring nature of the feminine character, prime youth, and innocence. Shy, feisty and mysterious, fairy tattoos reflect one’s personality. Moreover, enchantment and mysticism are a part of the aura that surrounds fairies and is evident through these fairy tattoos.

Free-spirits, always trying to help others and granting wishes and fulfilling desires, if you relate to these character traits, you should get a fairy tattoo inked. Also, they are the epitome of freedom and feminine grace, fairy tattoos can have a spiritual and ethereal meaning to them.

Fairies can also be associated with nature and one’s love for it. All our fairy tales depict fairies in beautiful gardens, meadows, and forests.

Types of Fairy Tattoos

  • Tribal and Celtic Fairy tattoos, which symbolize strength and power.
  • Gothic Fairy Tattoo, to reflect the repressed feelings of rebellion and carnal urges.
  • Butterfly Wings on fairies as tattoos to symbolize beauty, grace, and freedom.
  • Character-based fairy tattoos like Tinker Bell, the characters from Pixie Girls and others in cartoon style or sketches.
  • Watercolour based fairy tattoo in bright and vibrant colors and styles.
  • Dot work and line work designs of fairies as tattoos.
  • Anime tattoos, a blend of Japanese manga and anime with tattoo designs.
  • Evil Fairy did in black or silhouettes or outline.
  • Tattoos of only the wings, drawn large and intricately on the back.
  • Tattoos with quotes or phrases that hold meaning to you.

Placement of Fairy Tattoos

You can get the fairy tattoo on various body parts. Large designs look best on the back, chest, things, lower abdomen and forearms. Done in colorful ink and suitable design, these tattoos look attractive and captivating. Also, minimalistic designs of only outlines in black or colorful miniature figurines stand out on the wrists, ankle, around the fingers, back of the neck and hips.

Women love to paint their collar bones and lower back with beautiful designs of the fairy tattoos. Feet, toes, and legs are also a common choice among women to get fairy tattoos. The size of the tattoo determines the portion you should ink.

Final Words

Fairy tattoos depict some styles and avatars, displaying an array of moods and emotions. Hence it’s popularity is not dying anytime soon. Many skillful tattoo experts are continually giving new twists to the classic fairy tattoos and customizing designs. So, if you feel like a fairy, magical and full of life, we recommend you get one now!

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