Eyebrow Tattoos

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Tattoos have always been in trend and never out of it. Have been trending since the time Queen Cleopatra existed. Maybe much before that. Eyebrow tattoo used to depict love, pride, the mark of belonging to a particular clan. It also includes fashion, beauty, and even to save lives of their own.

From ancient to modern-day, tattoos have been a part of human life.

In the modern era, tattoos have become more of a subject of beauty, fashion, and aesthetics.

Eybrow Tattoos

The trend of tattooed eyebrows has paced up like no other. It even existed in ancient times. To get a perfect shaped eyebrow, the practice of microblading has come in use. This is being practiced mostly by women of the UK and the USA.

Microblading is a way to get semi-permanent brows in the shape of one’s desire. Some microneedles are used to draw skinny slices of hair-like structures on the forehead. About 15 to 30 needles are doing the job. The pigment is inserted in the skin using these needles. It comes in all the shades. You name it, and it’s there.

Not only businesswomen, homemakers, teenagers, or working ladies are getting attracted to it, but also the big cheese of the glamour industry has been affected by this.

It is giving the eyebrows a perfect shape uplifts the face. It adds more youthfulness to the look.

At times, people tend to shave their brows off entirely before getting them re-done. Well, this is also not very surprising as it is an ongoing thing since cave dwellers existed.

Another idea is getting a tattoo. Like a real tattoo. The symbol which will stay with your whole life. Getting browse inked in shapes of choice is an alternative option to microblading.

Difference Between Microblading And Tattooing

Microblading differs from tattooing eyebrows. These are two different styles that require different skills and various types of equipment. The ink and pigment used are not even close to one another.

In microblading, hair strokes are made manually, by use of the hand. The hair strokes are skinny. After completion of the method, the results resemble eyebrows as naturally as possible. It becomes challenging to tell the difference between natural haired brows and micro bladed brows.

This also goes by the name hair-like strokes, feather touch, etc., which perfectly suits.
Tattooed brows also somewhat resemble natural hair. But with time, it shows. When the ink starts fading away, it appears as a blue-green tint that doesn’t look that presentable.

Whereas in microblading, when the pigment starts to disappear, it leaves a lighter tone. This lighter tone suits the face and is still presentable. It does not give an awkward look, unlike eyebrow tattoo.

The skills required for these two are very different from one another.
One advantage that both methods have is that it takes the burden off of the shoulder to draw a perfect shaped eyebrow now and then. The hassle and Bassel become less because it consumes the most time to draw brows correctly.

Every coin has two sides, so does this. The speed of changing styles and trends may become a problem in getting a permanent shape pair of brows.

Well, artists have many variations and options for customers to choose from. A sea of styles helps in getting a shape that perfectly defines the face of the individual.

Types Of Eyebrow Tattoo & Designs

Some of them are

● The Regular One

This is the most common style. It is straightforward and gives the face a very subtle look which makes the watch very precise.

The regular one

Also, it goes right for women having purer tastes. There is not much of an explanation to give the tattoo artist for this style.

● The Arched Brows

This is famous and in-demand shape of brows. The arched browses are popular nowadays.

The arched brows

It has been a favorite of not only women outside the glamour industry but also all the big fishes of the industry.

● The Curved Brows

This kind of tattooed eyebrow gives a brilliant look on the face.

There are tons of options available to choose from, according to the suitability of the face.

● The Thick Eyebrows & The Thin Brows

Some like thick brows, which very well defined and also the center of attraction of the face.

The thick eyebrows & The thin brows

The thick brow gang is a little less in number. Small but well-shaped and neat look.

● The Fashionistas

Quirky fashion have the best taste and a unique style, which used to seen everywhere. These kinds are few but stand out, and so does their fashion.

The fashionistas

Some tend to have brows of matching color to their hair. So, if the hair color is, let’s say blue, well, you can imagine the color of their brows.

● The No Brow Gang

People with no brows or having a thin brow, which is next to non-existent, have a more significant benefit with this. They can get a pair of eyebrows of their own choice. By microblading or getting them tattooed.

The no brow gang

In fashion, art, and design, there are no mistakes, just happy accidents. So does the above-discussed topic about eyebrow tattoo. It gives freedom of choice to women and even men to get a pair of eyebrows of their wish.

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