Eyeball Tattoos

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Eyeball tattoo designs have created a trend in this modern world. It has become a trend in today’s world-worn by the majority of the people. The youngsters are the first in this case. Secondly, it is also worn by those women who are in their mid-40s. Also, some grandparents above the age of seventy have a severe eagerness to wear these eyeball tattoos’. Eyeball tattoo is usually done by inserting a colored ink between the two outermost layers of the eye. Vast amounts of injections of the ink are required in order to change the white portion of the eyes to a completely different hue. Bright orange, purple, green, red, and even jet black are just some of the widely used colors when changing the white portion of the eyes.

Eyeball tattoos originated near about 2000 years ago when Roman doctors tried to darken the cornea so that it could match the iris. But there were further developments in these. Together they have worked hard to change the procedure. But there is a problem with this procedure. It is an over-injecting problem. This occurs when an artist thrusts too much ink into the eye and splits the sensitive areas. The effect of this is not comforting at all. Severe headaches, hypersensitiveness to light, darkening of the encircling tissue, swelling of that particular area, infection, and fainting tendency also occurs. Wearing contact lenses during the injection of any of the eyeball tattoos increases the risk tremendously.

The quality of ink also matters because cheap quality ink, when inserted into the body, can cause various health issues in both males as well as females like allergies towards certain types of food, lethargy, nausea, hormonal imbalances and much more. Also, those who perform making these tattoos on their client’s body should be good trainer because the insertion should also implement in a medically approved way.

The eye-ball tattoos are gaining popularity these days. Different eyeball tattoos have different meanings to tell in several cultures. Let us move ahead and have a glimpse into the best eye tattoo designs-

Eyeball Tattoo Designs

Third Eyeball Tattoo

This eye tattoo design symbolizes some spiritual connection between the divine and that human being. This tattoo is primarily found among those youngsters who gets angry by the hustle-bustle of life and wish to set themselves apart from this chaos by concentrating on their Third Eye.

An in-depth focus on the third eye leads to the development of the power of intuition, and the ability to predict the future.

Eyeball Of Horus

This eye design is said to have originated from Egypt.

Regarded to be one of the ancient sun gods, his eye symbolizes good health, royalty, and protection as well.

Eagle Eyeball

Eagles have the innate ability to understand its prey on the ground. So an eagle tattoo means one who is brave, has clarity regarding anything and everything, a visionary with full focus on their goals.

Eagle is a creature who is able to overcome obstacles during severe hardships. The eagle also symbolizes the beast with a strong spirit.

Cheshire Cat Eyeball

These eyeball tattoos represent the hypnotic nature of that person. There is a story with regard to the Cheshire Cat. Generally, Cheshire Cat shows riddles to Alice, which leaves her puzzled.

So the tattoo of this Cheshire cat’s eyeball depicts one’s nostalgic memories to this impeccable childhood story.

Evil Eyeball

This tattoo symbolizes to remove evil spirits, thoughts from one’s body, mind.

Generally located on the back of the neck or on the wearer’s wrist.

Crying Eyeball

This tattoo is mainly worn by the murderers or those who have received bail after spending years in jail. Also worn by those who have lost their loved ones.

It can be anyone, even their favorite pet or any other creatures, including human beings.

Gatsby Eyeball

This eyeball tattoo symbolizes that God is always watching that particular creature.

Therefore, expressing some spiritual simplicity

Tiger Eyeball

This eye design is meant for those individuals who have a strong will to survive. Tiger eyes also mean focus as well as patience.

Eyeballs have a predominating role to play in everyone’s well- being, whether it be humans, animals, birds, or any other types of creatures.


Whether its the eyeball of animals, book characters, or your own, eyeball tattoo designs signify creative, distinctive, and conceptually meaningful. So the person having interest in any of the eyeball tattoo designs should consult a professional. Because making appropriate tattoos really needs the right amount of knowledge as well as experience.

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