Eye Tattoos

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Eyes are the windows to the soul. They are also symbols with multiple meanings in several cultures. In the cosmopolitan world of today, eyes have become a significant symbol when it comes to the art of engraving tattoos. Here we have put together some beautiful ideas for eye tattoo along with their meanings to help you understand and make up your choice.

Eagle Eye Tattoo Designs

1. Eagle Eye Tattoo

Much like the bird itself, the Eagle Eye Tattoo is a representation of masculine strength, wisdom, and great focus. Note that the bird has been a symbol of spiritual strength as per the Native Americans. An Eagle Eye Tattoo is mostly a depiction of strength, freedom, clarity of vision, spiritual power, dominance, and an unquenchable thirst for wisdom.

The Eagle Eye Tattoos portrays the holder’s knack for clarity and insight, much like the bird, which, even when flying high, keeps a strict focus on its prey. Even when the bird flies in the face of sunlight, blinding itself momentarily, it does not waver away from its target. Any person who does not move away from their goals and paths regardless of how many obstacles they will face should have this tattoo as a sign of resilience in their spirit.

2. Tiger Eye Tattoo

We have always been fascinated by tigers. Their wild, untamed, sensual, and violent nature is more seductive to our imaginations than alarming. Who would not want to be like these fierce animals who have a passion for getting what they want? Being the perfect totem for unimaginable chaos, the Tiger Eye Tattoos are for those with vibrant personalities, hunting not just for survival but for power, passion, and dominance.

The Tiger Eye tattoo is symbolism for patience, focus as well as strong determination towards the ultimate win. If you are a survivor, a Tiger Eye tattoo is a perfect way to sing your tale without speaking a word. In its most raw state, it will talk about your spirit: hungry, fatal, and forever focussed.

3. Cheshire Cat Eye Tattoo

The Cheshire Cat Eye tattoo comes from the story Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, as given away by the famous broad smiling expression of the cat. Noting the character portrayed in the story, the Cheshire Cat Eye Tattoos is all about optimism and good humor that is well-kept even when the lethal times are lurking.

The tattoos meant for the person who never loses their faith in love and happiness even after going through a plethora of problems. Also, the Cheshire Cat is known for its role in not losing its wisdom in the hardships, and thus, the tattoo is a symbol of someone good at decision making, especially during times of struggle.

4. Gatsby Eye Tattoo

Drawn from the book ‘The Great Gatsby’ by Scott Fitzgerald, the inspiration behind the Gatsby Eye Tattoos comes from T.J Eckleburg’s spectacled eyes. This tattoo has characterized both royalty and loyalty, as well as good health as the symbol is also a representation of God’s omnipotence.

It speaks of the belief that God is always watching. In some contexts, the Gatsby Eye tattoo is also a mark of the end of the American Dream. However, to most, it is an announcement of their faith in the one true God and His presence on every stage of life.

5. Evil Eye Tattoo

The Evil Eye Tattoo is one of the more prominently popular tattoos in the world, marking itself in several cultures. The tattoo is a symbol of a malignant look meant for the enemy. It circles the belief that the power of the evil eye is such that it can harm the recipient with its glare.

Most inkings related to the evil eye are connotations circling the idea of protecting themselves, their possessions, and their loved ones from evil. However, it may debate quite often if the Evil Eye Tattoo is more likely to draw curse than ward it off.

6. Third Eye Tattoo

The Third Eye is also known as the eye of the soul and has a more religious background to it. The design of this tattoo has an eye in a triangle and with sun rays emitting for it. The Third Eye Tattoos are a token for intuition and spiritual awakening.

It marks the gateway to realms beyond the mortal world and new spaces created in the consciousness of mind. In post-modern culture, the Third Eye tattoo is an emblem for enlightenment and knowledge. Although the symbol, which will evoke from a religious context, the subtext of it can also be psychological. It refers to the illumination of the mind.

7. The Eye Of Horus Or Ra

Horus or Ra is an ancient Egyptian Deity. The Eye of Horus is a mark of regeneration that found its meaning after a famous mythical tale. After the struggle with Seth, the Egyptian Deity of War and Chaos, Horus lost his left eye in the battle.

However, the sight, now magically restored by Hathor, the goddess of women, fertility, and love. This regeneration came to prevail as the meaning behind the Eye of Horus. Along with restoration, the tattoo meant to ward off evil.

In all honesty, Eye Tattoos are a representation of who you are and mostly, what you believe. Vision, goals, life, imagery, and perceptions are all aspects of what you want. Because to find in and how you want to portray yourself. So, go ahead and get yourself an Eye Tattoo, one that defines you and your eclectic mind.

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