Eagle Tattoos

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As the saying goes, “In the Eagle, there is all the wisdom of the world”. An eagle’s determination and an eye for detail is a prerequisite. It is for every individual to sustain in today’s times. Apart from these traits, an eagle’s bravery, courage, vision, ability to face challenges, take risks. By this, they nurture its young ones are essential to humans. This is because to maintain a healthy balance in life. Eagle motivates to fly high above all odds, and it never depends on charity – It is a go-getter!. So in this article we will discuss about eagle tattoo.

Humans idealize these traits and have a strong urge to imbibe within them. Humans started to keep or wear eagle lockets, bracelets, rings. But the only way to keep it intact turned out to be tattooed and thus getting inked with an Eagle or its features. This fall out has led to the Popularity of ‘Eagle Tattoos.’ wherein people want to inscribe Eagle and its features on their body. Then they define themselves with any of the qualities associated with eagles.

People engrave Eagle tattoos to indicate independence, wisdom, determination, dedication, vision. Also it indicates ability to multitask, to show versatility, vitality, bravery, face challenges and rise above it. Therefore keen problem solvers and unwavering focus to achieve targets.

Eagle Tattoo Designs

With advancements, there flourished a variety of Eagle tattoo designs, each having a set of meanings of their own. Some of the most well known and widely used Eagle tattoo designs are as follows.

Flight Eagle tattoo – Shows the Eagle in flight or ready to fly with its wings wide open. This can be primarily the Eagle’s wings or intricate patterns of its sides. The Eagle soars above the clouds during the rain, unlike other birds that seek shelters or get themselves covered.

Eagle in flight indicates individualism, uniqueness, ready to fly high, accomplish goals or reach heights, a start to a new beginning or journey in life. The design symbolizes freedom, strength, liberty and has a majestic visual appeal that of a king.

Tribal Eagle tattoo – depicts the Eagle in red and black bold lines making use of a different tribal art. This is used extensively in Native America. The Tribal Eagle tattoos gets associated with reliability, wisdom, freedom, and power. It describes Eagle as an essential element of nature.

Hence the one who is protective of its surroundings and is very grounded and practical in its approach. One who is out to conquer the world and inspires the living of all kinds. People who prefer slightly more prominent and bolder tattoos that intend on showing the following message go for this eagle tattoo design.

More Designs…

Eagle Eye Tattoo – resembles focus, vision, far-sightedness, keen eye for detail, and an undying passion for goals once set out to achieve.

The way Eagle gets along with bright and blinding sunlight, dust, storms, thunders and hails to reach its prey and the way it never loses sight of it even in the presence of obstacles is what inspires the life of the bearer and that what sums up his personality and life goal. The Eagle eye tattoo is ideal for leaders that never give up despite the odds.

Eagle Feather Tattoo – states a form of belongingness that only creatures destined with a specific purpose in life. It can possess such kind of feather, and so does the Eagle! In Native American culture, Eagle feather is believed to have healing properties.

The bearer to outshine as a healer and reliever, one who is striving endlessly for the better of humanity. This tattoo has an elegant and graceful visual appeal. It makes ideal for social workers, counselors, therapists, Doctors, or similar people.

Eagle Head Tattoo – shows the headfast, adamant, determinant, and dictator traits of an Eagle just like a king. The strong-willed and ambitious attributes represented in the Eagle head tattoo design. Individuals who strike wisdom, decision-making, problem-solving, and knowledge in their life to go with this tattoo design.

The tattoo design has its head gets drawn in with intricate with colorful lines. These may available generally in bold and highlighted with bright colors. This will add to the aesthetic appeal of the magnificent Eagle head.

Eagle Claw Tattoo – the way the Eagle hops onto its prey and how the victim can never escape from the clutches of an eagle. Similarly the bearer depicts the efficiencies of his skills from the Eagle claw tattoo design.

It also shows the passion of leading things to its target and displays strong leadership qualities. In some cultures, it is also believed to have magical protecting attributes. As it will safeguard the bearer from all kinds of evils and dangers.


The eagle tattoo designs incorporate a significant amount of symbolism and inspiration with it. Various Eagle tattoo designs are ideal for the bearers in search of a powerful, captivating and graceful tattoo to embrace. Also, they plan to add a more precise and more profound meaning to it.

Though a bearer should best opt for the colors, patterns, and designs under a tattoo artist. Hence one can always choose from different elements and options available. There are ideal places to embrace eagle tattoos. They are wrist, back of the neck, upper back, lower back, forearm, ankle, shoulder, and ear, etc.

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