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Are you looking for cool Dragon Tattoos? A Dragon is a legendary creature which is mostly envisaged as the serpents. The name of the dragon came into existence in the 13th century which is the Greek word has the meaning of “huge serpent.” Inking the dragon is one of the most popular and influential designs preferred by both men and women. The dragon has the significant impact in various cultures worldwide most probably in Europe and Asian countries.

History of Dragon Tattoos

Dragon is the enormous magical creature which plays a vital role in the history of mythology and folklore. It is the noble creature which has cultural importance in Europe, China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and some of South and East Asian Countries.

The trend of inking the dragon came into existence due to its uniqueness and variations in designs. The dragon tattoo conveys the mysterious and courageous attributes, and it can be inked anywhere on the body. It has been believed that the person wear this symbol in the body has captured the power of the beast.

Symbolic Importance & Representation of Dragon

The dragons are represented in the form of the reptile with the colossal body or as a snake with two pairs of lizard-like legs, and some are described in the way of the bat with the wings at their back. The attributes associated with the dragon is independence, courage, and strength.

There is multiple symbolic meaning for the dragon some may consider dragon as a powerful, magical, mystic creature and some may represent it as evil, dark and symbol of angry. The dragon tattoo on men and women symbolize different meaning. When the dragon is inked on men, it represents courage, rich, powerful and strength. In case of women having the dragon tattoo, it means she is independent and does not care about others.

Dragon Representation in Various Cultures

The depiction of the dragon varies from culture to culture. Eastern Dragons are considered and worshiped as the god of their nation. Chinese believe the dragon arises from China and it has five toes. And as they flew towards south they lost one toe and became four, and as long as they fly, they will lose the toe.

Korean dragon has four toes, and they believe when it started flying towards China it gain one another toe. Japanese thought about the dragon is much different from others. They think that the breath of the dragon has transformed into clouds to give rain. Most of the Eastern dragons have no wings while Western or Medieval dragons appear like a lizard with a pair of wings in its back.

Placement of Dragon Tattoos

The dragon art can be drawn anywhere on the body. Several prefer to ink on their back since the dragon size will be enormous and to represent the whole dragon it will be the right place. It can also be placed on the chest or legs or near the shoulder. The colors used to ink the dragon tattoo are most preferably green, red, ash, and some other dark colors.

Dragon Tattoo Designs Ideas

Asian Dragon Tattoos

The Asian dragon appears like serpents which lack wings most of the European Dragon contains. They consider dragon as the good creatures which represent the wisdom, power, and strength.

Sleeping Dragon Tattoos

This tattoo shows that power and wisdom remain dormant and the person who wears the sleeping dragon is ready to awake and waiting for the right moment to arise.

Dragon Butterfly Tattoos

The dragon symbolizes power, strength, etc. where the butterfly expresses the characteristics of female- the beauty and innocence. One who wears Dragon Butterfly Tattoo seems to balance both masculine and feminine traits together.

Rising Dragon Tattoos

One who feels that their life is progressing then they may choose to ink rising dragon on their body. Also, the symbol of the dragon rising into the sun represents the ascension and progression.

Dragon and Moon Tattoos

Inking of the dragon with moon symbol represents the bond with nature. The design conveys the interrelation between nature and sub-conscious mind of a person.

Claw Tattoo

The dragon claw tattoo represents that the evil will be destroyed. It has the meaning of fearlessness and person, who are strong, dominant, and faces challenges will wear this tattoo.

Dragon Tiger Tattoos

The combination of wisdom and strength is the representation of this tattoo. If one wears this tattoo, then they view the world differently.

Koi Dragon

There is the story behind the origin of this Koi Dragon. A Koi is a fish which is brave, strong and can overcome any stressful situation. Such a Koi fish manage to swim upwards and climb the yellow river and will be changed into the dragon. Thus those who are passionate and works hard may prefer this Koi Dragon tattoo.

Firing Dragoon Tattoo

The most trending dragon tattoo is the firing dragon which represents the creation and destruction. The person with this tattoo conveys the attribute of balancing both raw emotions and mental tranquility.

Dragon Tattoos Designs

Final Words

All in All, the dragon symbolizes the power within you. In olden civilization, the one who became the warrior only have the rights to carry the symbol of the dragon on their body. As the years passed plenty of sturdy and attractive designs and ideas have raised to represent the courage, wildness, power, and strength of the person.

So, the dragon tattoo design is one of the best tattoos to be drawn by one who likes to resemble them as a powerful being. Dragon is the popular one among tattoo designs, and one must love it to draw on them.

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