Dove Tattoos

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The Dove is a popular tattoo among people who like to think out of the box. It is a unisex tattoo that breaks the ideas of the mainstream. The most attractive character of the dove tattoo maybe the unlimited possibility of personalization one can make it. Dove tattoos can be designed and represented based on how an individual wants to express themselves. Another feature of the dove tattoo is that they can be tattooed in different sizes.

This makes sure that the dove can be tattooed in almost any area of your body that you wish.

A dove tattoo can be plain and simple with just a dove, or you can make it as complicated as you want. Adding words, banners, symbols or even images can change the meaning of the dove tattoo entirely. Along with this article, we will understand how a dove tattoo can be made to your taste.

History of dove tattoos

Dove Tattoos

Doves are one of the most beautiful creations of God on our planet. There are many qualities that us humans should learn from doves. The dove mates with one partner for a lifetime and take care of their young together. These qualities of doves reinforce the values that they stand for. And this is why they are considered to represent faithfulness, sincerity, and everlasting love.

Doves are a prominent character throughout human history. They have symbolized peace and love for centuries. Stories regarding doves are widespread in Greek, Aztec, Native American and Christian culture. Also, starting with the Greeks, they were always considered as the epitome of positive values.

The Greek goddess of love and fertility, Aphrodite, is said to travel in a chariot borne by doves. The Greek mythology also means that the seven daughters of Aphrodite were like a flock of Doves. Similarly, stories from ancient Aztec culture suggests that doves represented their goddess of love and mother of all humanity.

The Native Americans had a completely different connection with doves. They believe that doves were the spirits of people who had passed away. And for this reason, they started tattooing doves in memory of their loved ones. In Christianity, doves have been represented as the embodiment of peace and new hope. It is the Christians that initiated the symbolism of the dove holding an olive branch. Now, it is the internationally accepted symbol for peace. The role of dove in Christian culture is visible throughout the bible.

Most important of them being the story of Noah

After the great flood, Noah was traveling in the ark along with a pair of all animals. On the way, Noah sends a dove and a raven to check for signs of land and the dove returned with an olive branch in its beak. Representing that the world will start over again. This shows hope and a new beginning. This story also gives the dove tattoo the meaning of faith and rebirth.

Another vital role of the dove in history was as a messenger. The dove is said to have delivered messages for lovers and couples between long distances. Also, the dove is supposed to be a divine messenger. The signals of the gods are sent to humans via a dove. Therefore dove tattoos are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to represent their godly gifts or devotion.

Meanings of Dove Tattoos

As we mentioned in this article earlier, the dove tattoo can have a wide range of purposes and representations. How we tattoo a dove depends on what meaning we want to convey through it. A dove holding an olive branch in its beak can be a simple yet meaningful representation of peace. It is also possible to add some personal messages to the dove tattoo.

For example, adding a name or image of a loved one along with a dove tattoo can represent your lifelong love for them. A wife or husband can tattoo the name of their spouse along with a dove to portray their love for each other. Parents and children can have tattoos of each others name along with a dove to represent the pure and sincere connection between them.

A few ordinary meaning that the dove tattoo represents are:

  • Love
  • Harmony
  • Victory
  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Devotion
  • New beginning
  • Faithfulness
  • Partnership etc.

Dove Tattoos Designs

Final Words

The dove tattoo is one among the best tattoos you can get on your skin. But before you get your dove tattoo, there is a lot of things that need to be understood. The dove tattoo can attain different meanings by adding various extensions to it. Therefore you must know what the meaning you wish to convey through your tattoo is. A dove tattoo along with your wife’s name below it can show your deep and everlasting love for each other.

Tattooing your mother’s photo along with a dove can show how much you love your mom and how talented she is in your life. And it does not end there, adding names and images of people are just the beginning of personalizing your dove tattoo.

The one quality that makes dove tattoos so accessible is that they can be customized according to an individual’s taste and emotions. With a bit of finding yourself, Dove tattoos can be one of the best tattoos out there. And how a dove tattoo is interpreted will be based on the personalization you have on your tattoo. Your preferences can quickly change the meaning of a dove tattoo.

So if you want a dove tattoo, know what you want to include in it. And then it will be the unique, personal and meaningful tattoo you have ever inked on your skin. Also, a dove is not just another tattoo you can get. It is a piece of yourself along with a beautiful creature that represents a plethora of attractive values.

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