Image Requirements
*Standart custom tattoo order is 2 per design - You can add the following quantities as well:


Our custom tattoos are awesome, although a little different from the regular designs
in our store. Here's a few things to note before purchasing your custom tattoo.

1. Custom Orders ship every Friday.

If you order Thursday night it will ship the next day. If you order
after 10am on Friday, it will ship the following week. Priority shipping
does not expedite this process, only the shipping method.

2. Custom Tattoos are printed in our office.

Because we print them in house, they are not die-cut, meaning the tattoo
material covers the card it comes on. To avoid excess tattoo material,
the design should be cut from the card. Get as close to the
design as possible without cutting the tattoo.

3. Will you design my custom tattoo from scratch?

Sure, we'd love you to work with our creative team to come up with the perfect tattoo. We are a bunch of illustrators, doodlers and graphic designers so between us I'm sure we can come up with something. Depending on the scope of the work involved there will be a fee involved.

4.What images files do you use?

We can work with .jpg, .eps, .tiff or any image, even Microsoft Word documents. But if you really know your sluff, send us an. EPS al 600 dpi with the color defined as CMYK

5.Can I get a proof before printing?

Yes we will email you a PDF proof of your image at no additional cost. Each proof is sized appropriately so you can print it out and see the actual size. You may even want to cut the image out and put it in your skin to see if it's the right size for your needs.

6.What are your accepted payment methods?

Paypal, credit card, checks and bank transfers are all accepted.

7.Can I customize the back of the tattoo?

Of course you can in any pantone color... at no extra cost.

8.What are your packaging options?

All of our custom tattoos come loose without any packaging. This is free and great for events and giveaways. We also offer custom header card and toppers as well as beautiful matte envelopes with custom graphics on the front and back. Please specify if you would like this option and we can provide pricing for you.

9.What are my shipping options?

We ship all custom orders via UPS (domestic) or DHL (international). Both options take 2-3 business days. Overnight shipping within the US is also available at an additional cost. Alter natively you could provide us with your Fedex/ UPS/ DHL account number for the charge to be billed to your account.

10.What size should my document be?

Your document should be the exact size of your actual tattoo sheet with at least 1/8" mar gins if possible. But don't stress, if something looks out of place we'll be sure to correct it and send you the revised proofs for your approval before we start production.

11.Could you help to apply our custom tattoos at our event?

Sure, we'd love to do that for you. In fact tattoo bars happen to be our specialty. Our tattoo technicians are on stand-by in the Los Angeles area only. Please contact us with more infor mation about your event and we will get back to you with pricing.

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