Crown Tattoos

Written by: Pete

One particular tattoo design that has always been popular and continues to be till date is the ever cliched, yet sought after King and Queen crown tattoos.

A crown is a symbolic headgear which stands for power and authority. A crown is a symbol of royalty and privilege, strength and responsibility. Naturally, a person seeking to ink a crown either believes he possesses them or wishes to possess these traits.

King and Queen crowns are popular designs opted by couples. These matching tattoos are symbols of love that is above the common and ordinary.

A couple of king and queen crown tattoos symbolize that the two of you are your ruler and reflect a sense of superiority. You are deeply devoted to each other and consider each other to be your priceless treasures.

The king and queen crown tattoos never go out of fashion. Most people are fascinated by the idea of a royal life of power and wealth. Everyone wants a taste of luxury and majesty that surrounds royal families. Hence in our own little humble lives, we try to incorporate this sense of grandeur through various imagery, sometimes even tattoos.

Types of The King and Queen Crown Tattoos

crown tattoos

  • Neck tattoo. Where the two of you get inked crowns on your necks.
  • Chest tattoo. Getting king and queen tattoos inked on the visible part of your chest as royalty and power is all about visibility and wearing it with pride close to your heart.
  • Forearm and hand tattoos with colorful designs of the crown in watercolor styles.
  • Little, tiny black crowns inked around your fingers. A King’s crown for the man and a beautiful Queen’s crown for the female.
  • Minimalistic tattoos on the wrist with the small king and queen crown etched in color and more often only in black, giving it a classy look.
  • Shoulder tattoos. The back shoulder region covered with beautiful colored designs of crown tattoos.
  • In addition to these, the other popular choice of body parts for people to ink king and queen crown tattoos are the feet, ankle, legs, thighs, collar bones, behind the ears, hips and lower abdomen.

King And Queen Crown Tattoos Placements

Large elaborate designs of king and queen crowns can be done on the chest or shoulder, while simpler tattoos should be done on the fingers and wrists. Queen crowns can be incorporated with feminine elements like diamonds, hearts, and flowers. Couples can customize their matching king and queen crown tattoos. You can also add letters and words with your crowns.

The bigger the crown, the more details can be added to the design. Also, make sure you have a clear idea about what you want in your customized tattoos. Moreover, if you are not confident about your design, it is always wise to go for minimalist designs. Whether it is large or tiny, the symbolism is always strong in the case of a crown.

Art in the past was an indulgence of the royal and wealthy, a mark of status and supremacy, body art now represents a lot of similar symbolism and have crept its way into tattoo designs. Thus the popularity of King and Queen tattoos over the years is not surprising. With passing time tattoo artists are getting more creative with their design and art and reinventing and adding new elements and meaning to the traditional crown through their creativity.

crown tattoo

Final Words

So, this is all about the amazing King And Queen Crown Tattoos that you can get. Do share your thoughts if you liked some of our tattoos and comment below your favorite ones.

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