Crow Tattoos

Written by: Pete

Aren’t tattoos captivating? Well, as beautiful and appealing they are, they can surely go unnoticed sometimes when you wire them along your tiny finger or pose them as a significant design on your forefinger.In this article we will be talking about some best Crow Tattoo Designs.

Leaving all this aside, one thing sure about tattoos are – they entrap attention, no matter what! This is precisely the beauty of a tattoo, and right now, let’s not get into the intent of the gaze. The talk here is all about ‘Crow’ tattoos, and the way it turns out to be a beautiful human art on a white canvas. Just give it a thought once!

Why a Crow Tattoo?

The crow has a lot of symbols that usually depict myths, darks, and life promises. Tattoo enthusiasts, in order to put forward the depressing and sad part of their life.

Get crow tattoos needled in different parts of their bodies.

Decoding the Crow Tattoo!

Multiple crows tattoos usually mean that there is an extreme importance of it. Along with that, a single crow tattoo is seen clubbed with tons of eyes, each with its own significance. Here is a general guide.

One Crow – One crow has to do with bad luck.

Tattoo Crow – Ah! Good luck on the way!

Three Crow – That is sure shot bringing you some good health.

Four Crow – Soon, with this tattoo, you are going to feel wealthy and all vibrant.

Five Crow – Sickness can be sad! Avoid five crows!

Six Crow – Danger! This symbolizes death.

Diving into the real story – Best Crow Eyebrow Tattoo Designs, Ideas, and Their Meanings

That’s why we are all here. To know the meanings of all those tattoos that you have been dreaming of to paint. Time to settle down ladies and gentlemen because drum rolls, you are exactly where you should be, and that is to draw some tattoos.

Get yourselves some snacks because there are quite a lot of crow eyebrow tattoos that needs all your attention.

Flying Crows

This is usually in the forearms, or some other versions of it can be seen towards going away from the hands. People generally take this up on the forearm or the sides of the same. Flying Crow

These crow tattoos have a tinge of black or grey shading.

The Heart Crow

heart crow makes its place right where the heart is or above it. A fierce expression or glory of a flying crow says a lot about the bearer of the tattoo. The drawing of this one sure is a masterpiece.

However, the primary reason to get it right close to the heart has a lot to do with a person and their loved ones

The Shoulder Crow Tattoo

The ones with shoulder crow tattoos have different textures and varieties to serve. The familiar places to try them out includes inner and outer shoulder.

Placing this tattoo on the back is a gentle reminder to the pain one has been through in their life. This one is a tattoo that sits on a tattoo, which definitely is looking for a reason to fly off spreading its wings.

The Crow Tattoo on the Back

Out of all, this shows off a mysterious creature and is also a compelling depiction. This tattoo is placed right over the spinal cord, and the wings of it expand slightly on both sides.

The Inner Wrists

This placement of this tattoo is a reminder of virtue, strength, and patience. You can follow the crow-route compared to others where they will either go for quotes or colorful strays. If you want to signify and put ahead some aesthetic purpose in your life, you can ink this one right up.

Crow Trails

You can highlight a trail of crows either on the hip bone that goes away or comes towards the belly button. Oh, and how about all you ladies do justice to these tattoos by putting it on display by layering it up with a crop top? Sounds good. Shush on the other option that will help too – low waisted jeans! Thank me later!

Unfolding the unknown

When we talk about ‘crows’ or getting it as a tattoo, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Well, we all think of it is a typical and dark creature. However, when it comes to billing, it also has a lot of positive traits on the plate.

Talking of the middle ages, when you encounter a dead crow, it is equivalent to good fortune. According to the Chinese, the black crow is also a loving symbol, which sure is a principle theory that sounds pretty creative.

The positivity of a crow has to do with a witty and wise bird. According to the North American culture, it is also a symbol guide for the spirit that showers with inspiration to the ones who believe in its powers.


I wouldn’t say I like this part where I have to conclude the theory, but hey, get yourself a crow tattoo this time. A crow tattoo is not only unique but also has a bunch to put on display in front of the audience. What do you think?

What you need to do is choose the right place, and I think I have done quite an excellent job briefing you on the major parts you should focus on, right? Well, off you go to the nearest tattoo parlor!

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