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Couple tattoos are one of the best ways to express your undying love to your better half or partner. There are many ways that a couple can express their love to each other like getting matching keychains, matching clothes or accessories, matching phone cases, etc. When you both love each other a lot and look forward to keeping it strong and keep it forever, go get a tattoo!! The cutest thing that you can go for is getting a couple tattoo that signifies your relationship.

It can be anything, from names to phrases to favorite sentences broken into two parts, one part on your hand and the other part on your partner’s hand. Tattoos can be temporary or permanent. If you as a couple are getting one permanently done, it definitely has got a deeper and intense meaning behind it. It’s such a romantic, cute yet classic gesture towards each other. Also, it displays the immense amount of understanding, care, and love you both have for each other.

Couple tattoos are either identical tattoos, or they are matching. There is always a hidden meaning behind a tattoo; of course, it is the same for the couple tattoo. The couple tattoo usually means something important for the couples who have them. It is a way of expressing one’s loyalty towards the better-half and also being stylish and smart. It is not necessary to know the meaning behind each design as few couples like the worlds to know what the design means whereas few of them just keep the meaning to themselves.

History of Couple Tattoos

The history of couple tattoos is not known sadly. But ‘tattoo’ has got its own history as it is one of the oldest art-forms used for body modifications. But the exciting fact to be pondered over here is that the history of YOUR ‘couple-tattoo’ is actually YOUR LOVE STORY.

The thoughts that paved the way for you guys to get one done in order to honor your feelings, your loyalty, your care for each other, the affection and the never dying love towards each other. Besides carrying a deeper meaning and story behind them, couple tattoos keep reminding you of the strong bond you have with each other, the lifelong commitment in ups and downs of the life journey and through thick and thin of life.

Couple tattoos need not be limited to couples only. Best friends, band-mates, siblings, cousins can also get the couple tattoos done reminding them of their respect, love, and care for each other.

Types of Couple Tattoos

Getting a ‘tattoo’ is fine but getting a ‘couple-tattoo’ has a whole another level of commitment. This shows the completeness, unity, the sterling love and affection you have for each other. Now, there are many types of couple-tattoos that helps you to express what and how you want your feelings to be expressed through the design. Read on to find out a few of them.

Heart-Infinity Tattoos

This simple yet adorable couple-tattoo is a combination of two signs. One sign is HEART, and the other is the INFINITY sign. This signifies the simple mantra every couple goes by ‘Love… to Infinity and beyond!’.

Wrist Cross Tattoos

This is one of the simplest design that a couple decides to get. And it is always in vogue. They get the famous ‘Christian’ cross tattooed on themselves. The color may differ at times and can be the same too. This design shows the love bond they share and also one’s traits. The reason to get such a tattoo may vary.

Matching Fingerprint-Heart Tattoos

This couple-tattoo design is one of the simplest designs. It has two hearts drawn with a -fingerprint-like filling, inside the heart shape. This can be drawn either on the wrists, hands, necks, ankles or wherever the couple decides to get it.

Symbol of Balance and Harmony-Yin & Yang

This design reflects the Chinese philosophy of Dualism. It symbolizes the Energy and Union of the Opposites. Yin represents the female energy whereas Yang represents the Male energy.

Colorful Butterfly Tattoos

In many cultures, the butterfly tattoo is associated with the soul of a person and also it is associated with celebration. And the circle around the butterfly portray that they will remain friends forever.

Phrase Tattoos

As the name suggests, these tattoos are phrases which are the couple’s favorite. The classic one is “to… and beyond”. It can be your choice completely. Instead of phrases, few couples also get the lyrics of their favorite songs tattooed on themselves.

Hugs and Kisses

This tattoo is a simple combination of two letters ‘X’ and ‘O.’ the X stands for hugs, and the O stands for kisses. Also, most couples or close friends get these tattoos to honor the loving and caring bond they share.

Infinity-Lifeline Tattoos

This couple tattoo has an infinity sign with the life-line sign drawn across one of its curves. It signifies that friendship and love will last forever.

Lifeline Tattoos

Some couples go the extra mile to show and shower their love and affection towards each other. Also, they get their ECG done and select the particular part from the ECG where they were thinking about their partner or their name. Now, they exchange each other’s ECG and get that lifeline segment tattooed on themselves.

Lock and Key Tattoos

This design signifies the ‘can’t live without each other’ phase of the couple. The lock can only be opened with that particular key. Therefore, the couple gets one of them tattooed with the key, and the other one has the lock tattooed.

Earth and Rocket Tattoos

For the nerds out there, do not worry. We got your back! This couple tattoo has a rocket and a planet (Saturn, Earth or Moon). This design is definitely shared by the nerdy friends or a nerdy couple who are science, in fact, space lovers.

Birth Sign Tattoos

Birth sign or sun sign is often selected by the couples to signify the birth period during which they were born.

Arrow and Initials Tattoos

Also, this design has an arrow with the initials of the names of both the partners on each end or wherever the couple likes them to be. Also, they share their immense love for each other by getting such design done.

Placement Ideas for Couple Tattoos

Tattoo loving people go for any place on their body to get the design done. Now, some of them get tattoos all over their bodies. For couple tattoos, many prefer their wrists, shoulders, arms ankles, etc. Some of the tattoo placement ideas are as follows:


Wrist tattoos are sometimes the coolest ones. It completely depends on the designs as well. The lock and key tattoos, phrase tattoos, yin and yang tattoos are some of the best choices for couples.
Ankles: Best friends usually get their ankles a tattoo whether an anklet or a mountain scenery or a star.


For friends, finger tattoos are one of the best ideas. So, they can get figures hugging each other tattooed on their fingers, which, when placed next to each other forms a design which has two figures hugging each other.

The side of the Torso

Couples who want to get tattooed and also wants to keep the tattoo hidden from the world except for each other gets them done on the side of their rib cage. The tattoo can be a phrase tattoo or scenery which completes when they stand next to each other.

The other places where couples can get their tattoos are on their shins, little finger, side of the wrists, hand, thumbs, necks, shoulders, etc.

Design Ideas for Couple Tattoos

The tattoo designs are totally customizable as per the couple’s wish. Some of them get them by selecting from the available designs. Also, few couples brainstorm and decide the design or the phrase or the verse they want to get as their ‘couple tattoo.’

Also, many couples are inspired by the lyrics of a song which happens to be their favorite. They select the lines they love and get it tattooed. The lifeline design is also a hit. Few couples go an extra mile and get their child’s ECG done and get it tattooed on themselves. What a way to express pure love for each other!

Final Words

One of the best ways to express your undying love to your better half or partner is that you get a couple tattoo. A couple tattoo signifies your relationship and also shows pure affection towards each other. It is a simple and classic way of showing love for each other. Some couples keep the tattoos just to themselves, and few of them feel happy to show it to the world how much they love and care for each other.

Every couple tattoo has a story shared between the couple and depicts the undying love for each other. They can get the couple tattoos on places such as ring finger, wrists, hands, neck, shoulders, etc. some couples get really creative with the design they wish to be tattooed with. Some go for ECG of their hearts, and some like to have their favorite lyrics tattooed, some have their ‘couple-name’ tattooed and so on. When you both love each other a lot and look forward to keeping it strong and keep it forever, go get a tattoo!!

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