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Tattoos are for the brave, they say. It takes endurance and strength to ink your natural body forever. Tattoos are for the weak, others might say. The vulnerable need tattoos to stand out in a crowd. They need validation from others to feel confident in themselves. A tattoo can mean a lot of things: a beautiful reminder, an act of rebellion, a declaration of love, and at the same time, a harsh reminder of a hurtful breakup. While some regrettable tattoos get covered up, others are worn with pride. In this article, we would be covering some of the cool tattoos ever.

The art of the tattoo has engulfed the world. This art has transformed so much through time, and the accuracy and the finesse that artists achieve now is unmatched. Let’s look at some of the best cool tattoos and ideas.

Best Cool Tattoos

Tribal Tattoos

These are usually big cool tattoos in circular patterns with interlocking shapes like those in wheels.

They are inspired by the tribal and speaks to a great length on the culture and heritage it’s derived from. The strength and power that these stand for could be an eye-catcher and stand out in a crowd and make you edgy.

Lettering Tattoos

It could be a single letter, a word, a phrase, or a sentence. It could be written in your own handwriting or the handwriting of a loved one.

It’s small, clean, and doesn’t scream things at people’s faces. They are minimal and could be carrying a profound and touching meaning. The style of the script also matters a lot in such cases.

Animal Tattoos

A big trendsetter, animal tattoos are the biggest rage in the town currently and cool tattoos too. They look timelessly cool. It shows your beautiful connection to mother earth, and it’s beings.


An eagleis a time-old symbol of wisdom, power, and spirituality. In ancient Greece, it is used as a symbol of masculine strength and virility.


A bear represents immense strength and an overbearing personality that can crush others. It shows a strong-willed person. Some species of a bear-like a koala bear can showcase cuteness and innocence.


A raven shows cunningness and mysticism. The history behind a raven is one that makes for a good story when asked about your tattoo. The raven has initially been a white bird. There are many legends describing the reason for the raven turning black. Some say Noah sent out the raven to test the level of water before sending out the dove. But instead of returning, the raven settled into the land. This enraged God, and he turned the Raven black.


Lions, the king of animals, represents leadership and strength. Their majestic features leave us all awestruck. One could also draw reference from the animated movie, The Lion Kin


Horse tattoos are a symbol of beauty and grandeur. For centuries, rulers have used horses as their chariot. A majestic stallion in motion, with great conviction and in all its beauty, will make for a great tattoo.


Tigers represent ferociousness and strength and courage, and willfulness. The tattoo could represent a stand to save the dwindling numbers of the tiger in nature.


A dog is a man’s best friend. And to be quite honest, the cutest of all animals. Loyalty companionship is what a dog stands for. The tattoo could be in honor of your pet.


fish symbolizes a plethora of things. They are starting from endurance, peace, wisdom, luck, transformation, good health, and creativity. It signifies an in-depth connection with self, reaching those corners which our conscious mind can’t reach. Fish tattoos can be small or big and in a wide variety of colors. They could also be easily clubbed with another tattoo.


The scorpion is an animal beloved by many tattoo enthusiasts. A few reasons for getting a scorpion tattoo would be because it’s a connection to the Scorpio zodiac sign, its belligerence, or its apprehensiveness.

Serpents and snakes

Serpents and snakes represent a powerful force of life and virility. They are symbols for revival, eternality, and therapeutic. The ouroboros, a circular symbol depicting a snake, represent eternality and continuity of life. It will make for an excellent tattoo.

Portrait Tattoo

Many lovers have fallen into the trap of portrait cool tattoos to declare their love. But nevertheless, these are some of the most popular cool tattoos. It could be a portrait of your lover, your idol, your family member, or even yourself.

It’s undoubtedly tough to get the accuracy and master this form of tattooing. You, thus, want to be careful and approach a tattoo veteran.

Eye Tattoo

The eye is one of the most powerful symbols to many cultures. It can be an indicator of good, evil, protection, wisdom, knowledge, secrecy, and mystery.

It’s one of the most popular cool tattoos.

Music Tattoos

music tattoos

You can represent your love for music in the form of a tattoo. It could be music notes, lyrics, instruments, etc.

Skull Tattoos

It is a representation of death and mortality. These can be edgy and speak at length about your personality.


We’ve all had friends who have gotten cool tattoos and shown it off to be fresh and hip, to be the talk of the town. And afterward, there’s deep chatter amongst groups discussing whether the tattoo surpassed their cool quotient or not. A tattoo stands for the owner’s personality. If it’s something very ordinary and dull, then you know that it was done just for the sake of being ‘cool.’ But if, say, they are coordinates of a specific place, like ” 30.0131° N, 31.2089° E”, then you know there’s a story behind it. Let’s look at some of the popular and cool tattoos we have come across. Priyanka Chopra’s iconic tattoo, which says, ” Daddy’s Lil Girl.” It’s a cliché, but it’s touching as well. After reading this article you might have had chosen your cool tattoos, right?

Justin Beiber’s declaration of love for Selena Gomez in the form of a tattoo with her face on it, which was later terribly covered up. Most musicians will tell you that tattoos are how they rep their albums. A tattoo is more than just ink. It speaks to the very core of your heart. It’s also not everyone’s cup of tea. So, wear your cool tattoos proudly.

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