Collar Bone Tattoos

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Tattoos have become the talk of the town in this era of giving form to your personality .it expresses what one thinks as a whole or a certain way in which one talks instead of speaking. Most common tattoos nowadays are collar bone tattoos. Although most common the painful ones to get inked there. Collar bone area is susceptible and one must be sure to get a tattoo inked there.

No doubt that the tattoos inked on that area are prominently visible and are beautiful too. A tattoo near the collar bone sends a message immediately because it’s an eye catcher and fore-mostly defines you and how you think.

But the problem which pertains here is which tattoo design is suited for you and can enhance your personality traits. So to cut the chaos and help you out, here are the best-suited collar bone tattoo ideas for you:

Different Types of Collar Bone Tattoos

  1. Feather tattoos

Feather tattoos are taken to symbolize good dreams, and these show an aspect of freedom. One who wants to go for showing independence and flying high can surely go for this type of feather designed tattoo inked on their collar bone.

If you are a religious/ sacred person, an eagle feather is best to go with.

If you have a great passion for colours and love them, peacock features are best suited for your colourful personality.

  1. Star tattoo

It symbolizes hope, ambition and the will to shine brightly.

If you have a desire to conquer the world with your zeal, enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge, star tattoos can keep you motivated forever.

In star tattoos, you can go for a single big star on your collar bone.

The best one to choose for is the alley of stars going from a big one to small or many small ones, whichever you would make your personality shine on the whole collar bone area.

  1. Sun and Moon tattoo

One amongst the best-suited collar bone tattoos is the sun and moon tattoo. The circle represents the never-ending circle of life where half sun and half moon give meaning to the existence of good and evil in this sphere of life.

  1. Flower tattoos

Flowers have a language of their own. It is often said that ‘Flowers are a perfect replica of human life.’

If you want to let go of the past, a bare dandelion is a perfect choice for you to get inked on your collar bone and be brave to show that letting go is what you are learning.

When this dandelion is paired with bird designs, it symbolizes the fulfilment of one’s wishes.

Rose tattoos have a very long history in tattoo art. Coloured roses tattoos are perfect to go for. You can go for one side or both sides of the collar bone.

  1. Birds tattoos

Are you an introvert and want to influence people and explore the tattoo designs? A flock of a bird on your collar bone can pose you as a person wanting togetherness.

A flock of bird symbolizes your willingness to form a bond.

Bird freed from a cage can be a chosen design for a collar bone tattoo which signifies liberation.

  1. Music notes

Music is the soul of our existence. It completes us. You can explore and enhance your love for music by going for the tattoos related to symphonies, notes, tunes, and even musical instruments.

If you aspire to be a singer a mike suits the best of your potential and can help you to make your hobby your passion. A collar bone tattoo will be worth it.

  1. Inked words

The most popular collar bone tattoos are a few words of inspiration and motivation. Here, you can choose your own words of wisdom, your views, and any movie dialogue; anything that makes you look into the mirror in the morning and keeps you going happily and healthily in your life.

This design does not have any symbolisation but might add a perfect effect on your personality.

  1. Symbols resembling movies that leave a mark on you

Tattoos can be an idea, sign or symbol of a comedy, series, drama you liked and want to share with the people you meet. This will make you happy and can also have an effect on your friends and family and actively pose that you believe in something and are showcasing it on your collar bone.

  1. Zodiac sign tattoos

Firm horoscope believers can go for their zodiac signs inked on their collar bone. As a Pisces can get two fishes inked on their collar bone.

  1. Butterflies

Butterfly tattoos are an attractively patterned symbol of liberty and confidence, so butterflies are often chosen to represent a life event in which a person sets themselves free of an emotional burden or forgives another person. It is a good option for your collar bone.

  1. Hearts and heartbeats tattoo

Hearts are a symbol of love, feelings, and emotion. So a cute little heart can be a sober tattoo, to begin with.

You can also go for a broken heart and tell how it is beautiful too, so the collar bone is a perfect place for it.

A heartbeat tattoo on a collar bone with or without the name of your loved ones or a one-word message with it gives your personality a look that one has always dreamt of.

Collar Bone Tattoos Designs & Ideas

A series of collar bone tattoo designs are available for you to go for. The tattoos become a part of your life. They remain with you for the whole of your lifetime. They not only have an impact on your personality but can also make the people near you change for good or even for the best. So, CHOOSE WISELY what you get inked on your god gifted body.

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