CNC Tattoo Machine Reviews

Written by: Jason White

CNC is a really good quality tattoo equipment brand and one of the best among the average price category. The brand CNC combines several subsidiary brands, such as Hawink, Quelle, RHEIN. CNC produces tattoo machines, tattoo needles, tattoo inks, power supplies etc. The brand being relatively young has obtained trademark licenses and product patents in the United States and Europe, unlike many other chinese manufacturers. Today the company is a sponsor of many TOP tattoo artists. CNC also has good customer service with quality feedback.

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CNC Q2 Tattoo Machine Review

CNC Q2 tattoo machine review. | Amazon 

One of the most popular CNC tattoo pens is short form factor Q2. Moreover, it is comparable in quality to more expensive tattoo pens.

Inside the Q2 box, there is a manual you can check out, an O-ring in a very small Allen wrench, another box with clip-cord, and the CNC tattoo machine itself. The kit comes with a very thin clip-cord. It certainly works but we would recommend buying additional wire if you don’t have it yet.

Key Features

The Q2 body is really tiny. Although it is a bit thicker than the Cheyenne Hawk, the CNC Q2 is still very short. Q2 has simple design, which allows you to move and turn this device how you want while tattooing. Moreover, a lightweight and tiny body helps that, too. This is especially handy if you plan to work with wireless power. With a wireless power supply attached to this short machine, the device won’t be too long and heavy. The device is easy to disassemble, so there should be no problem with repairing it. You can easily unscrew the body and see the internal mechanism.

The German Faulhaber Motor inside provides a reliable and powerful operation. The manufacturer recommends working on 5.5V-9V, warning that it is better not to work on 9 volts for a long time without interruptions.

Note: don’t run it higher than 10 volts or you’ll overheat the motor and cause mechanical wear.

It is really quiet. You don’t even hear while it’s working. So you can schedule long tattooing sessions and not be afraid to get tired of those buzzing noises.


As we mentioned earlier Thin clip-cord included may not last too long. Although any tattoo artist should have a few wires to spare. Besides, clip-cords are not expensive, so it is not such a problem.

We, unfortunately, found several reviews from users that the Q2 machines broke down after a short period of use. This is quite an unpleasant situation, because when you buy a device for business that breaks down unexpectedly, you urgently need to look for a replacement. But given that the mechanism inside is quite easy to disassemble, it is repairable and restorable. In addition, the manufacturer offers a warranty and good customer service.


 CNC Q2 tattoo pen is a very versatile and affordable tattoo machine. If you are used to tattooing with a short and tiny pen it’s the perfect choice. It is one of the best offers on the market for this money. Moreover, the Q2 comes with a great German Faulhaber engine.

Hawink Wireless Tattoo Machine CNC-M-WE Review

Hawink wireless tattoo machine cnc-m-we. | Amazon 

The Hawink CHC-M-WE looks and feels sturdy in your hand. The grip is slightly larger in diameter than the pen body, check if it is comfortable for you. It’s nice that the grip has a ribbed surface, which makes it comfortable to hold.

Having two power supplies as a basic kit allows you to be uninterrupted while working. This is extremely important if you tattoo continuously, for many hours. Just change the battery and keep working at the same pace.

The battery is attached to the body with a magnet, which makes it very easy to change the power supplies, but at the same time, the battery itself stands firmly connected to the machine. That is, when you press the control buttons on the battery, it will not fall off the device.

It is operated by several buttons on the power supply. The “plus” and “minus” buttons adjust the volts, meanwhile, the display shows the volts with color indicators. You will find the designation for each of the colors in the manual that comes with the kit, as well as how many hours the Hawink CNC-M-WE can run on each of the voltages. On the one hand, it is intuitive to operate, on the other hand, everyone is used to certain numbers on the power supplies and these colors do make you wonder if the tattoo artist has set the battery power correctly. The charging level is also indicated by color.

The needle depth is adjusted in the standard way by turning the grip. You get needle depth markers near the grip so you can easily adjust it.

There is vibration and noise, but it is minimal, it allows you to work long hours without stress.

The 900 mAh lithium batteries are very durable and recharge quickly, in as little as 1.5 hours.

A tattoo on fake skin made with this machine:

Hawink wireless tattoo machine cnc m we example.


  • Two battery complect
  • Superfast battery charging
  • Comes with a bag for the pen
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with many cartridges
  • Reliable and durable
  • Suitable for all types of tattoos


  • It is not comfortable to adjust the volts by color, the colors can be similar to each other


The Hawink CNC-M-WE is highly recommended because of its rich, crisp, and accurate performance. It is the best wireless tattoo machine available on the market. There are some nuances to using it, but they are minor. The main thing is that a tattoo with Hawink will turn out really impressive because the device is suitable for all types of tattooing.


CNC® X1 Maxon Motor. | Amazon 

Your high-tech, modern and reliable tattoo tool is this X1 Pen by CNC. The professional tattoo kit does not include consumables, but all the necessary accessories are there. This device will help you not only practice, but give your customers the best quality tattoo, and you’ll have great fun working with it because it’s quiet, low-vibration, comfortable and balanced, powerful and soft at the same time.

Perfect for creating impressive tattoo designs!


  • User Friendly
  • The motor’s service life is longer than the others
  • Low-noise
  • Durable device with ergonomics
  • Powerful and reliable motor
  • Versatile rotor for lining and shading
  • Lightweight


  • The kit does not include supplies and inks, but you can buy them separately, so you get an even better quality tattoo kit


RHEIN RITA EM162. | Amazon 

This is the newest product by CNC, produced by its subsidiary brand Rhein, features a sophisticated hi-tech design – one of the most original today. It is actually suitable not only for tattooing, but also for permanent makeup, thus expanding its potential user audience. Available in two colors: black or red.

User Experience

It’s compact, feels comfortable in the hand, really like a pen. Thanks to its lightness and small diameter, it is so easy to use. The user-friendly volt control buttons and the classic LED display, without any colored buttons or bulbs, make it even more convenient to use. The voltage is adjustable in increments of 0.5 volts. The power indicator is also very clear, though not completely accurate: there are five levels of battery charge, which are shown on the display by dots.

The presence of two batteries makes it possible to alternate them while one of them is charging. The battery is connected to the body of the machine with a magnet. Battery charge lasts for 4 hours of stable operation, the battery takes less than 2 hours to charge. The device is compatible with most of the available cartridges on the market.

It’s the perfect device for ergonomic design fans.


  • Stylish and ergonomic design
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Lightweight, quiet and with minimal vibration
  • Affordable
  • Two batteries included
  • Two colors available to order


  • Small operating voltage
  • Not powerful enough for some tattoo styles


CNC Police Cartridges.

It is the latest innovation from one of China’s most trusted manufacturers: CNC cartridge needles. These needles have an amazing striking design, but among their advantages, they have more than just looks.

They are looking outstanding, we love the red color. The tips and the builds overall feel very light and don’t feel bulky at all. The needles themselves look so quality. Moreover, all configurations do their job perfectly, so you can only use this one brand in your work.

None of the needles move or wobble in the tube upon use. It feels very stable. The Finger Ledge is designed to comfortably put your finger on the tip while tattooing. The membrane is soft so it moves smoothly and easily. The needles are very polished and sharp so they ink very accurately, and exactly where you planned to apply the tattoo ink.

When you look at the round liners you can see very tight needle grouping. There are semi-textured needle cartridges – STX and polished ones.

We highly recommend this product to anyone looking for softer, but still membrane-protected, tattoo needles. They are affordable, very accurate, of high quality, and deserve the best praise from beginners and professional tattoo artists around the world.


  • Consistent stable needle
  • Smooth and safe membranes
  • The build offers comfort to the users
  • A large number of different configurations are available to meet all your needs
  • No adverse behaviors and wobble while operating
  • Outstanding designed and constructed


  • Not all configurations are always available

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