Cherry Blossom Tattoos

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The worldwide famous and enchanting cherry blossom tattoo designs are a sight to behold. Cherry blossom tattoo designs are the ultimate source of expressionism for humans in the most beautiful form. They hold a different meaning for different cultures, while some of the cultures consider them as an ode to life and how fragile life can be, there are others which think of them as the flag bearer of youth and fearlessness.

These Japanese ornaments exude charm and a persona like no other. They hold immense significance in ancient times as well. They symbolize oriental art styles and forms, taking a lot of inspiration from the significant Edo era. Their catchy eye designs are influenced by the Japanese samurais in a big way, which makes them look enormous and bigger than life in a significant way. Tranquility is another critical concept on which cherry blossom designs thrive, like kanji, which gives a peaceful feel. The Buddhist quotes are another in-demand thing which gives way to the feeling of immense peace and instill in us a vibe of calmness and serenity.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs For Male and Female

There is a specific style for males, while there is another distinct style for females in cherry blossom tattoo designs. While most of the men combine their symbols with skulls and fire, women, on the other hand, prefer to go with butterflies, hearts, stars, and the tree of supreme importance in the Japanese culture i.e., “The Sakura tree.”

Significance and Meaning of Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

Explore some amazing significance of Cherry blossom tattoo designs.

The Buddhist Meaning

Blossoms are often used by the Buddhist as it is an essential component of Buddhist philosophy. The cherry blossoms are flowering plants only for a short time period, and then they vanish, they stress on the fact that one should live in the present through this action.

They also emphasize on gaining enlightenment and achieving wisdom.

The Japanese Meaning

The Japanese and Buddhist cultures are intermixed, a lot of social, religious practices are also intertwined with each other. Both cultures believe in the fact that life is transient, and eventually, everything does fade away one day. Life is fragile and consists of mortality is deeply depicted in every way. There is historical evidence about the Japanese using cherry blossoms in the ancient technique of wood blocking. It comes in use to celebrate the occasion called life and love. It symbolizes the beauty of love and life alike. Cherry blossom also happens to be the National flower of Japan. It often comes in use in all the auspicious occasions like marriages and childbirths in the form of decoration. Thus bringing happiness and joy all the way.

Symbol Of Hope

Blossom marks the rise of the new year in Japan, and thus it is a symbol of new beginnings, hope, and aspirations. It implies that optimism and a never give up attitude should instill in humans.

Sign of Humanity

Cherry blossoms bloom for a short period before falling off, and they are a reminder from nature to

live in the present and enjoy to the fullest at the moment because there one cannot count on the future.

The Chinese Meaning

Blossoms are the symbol of intensity, love, and passion. They represent empowerment and feminism. 

Designs and Ideas

Explore some fantastic designs for cherry blossom tattoo designs here.

Tree in Storm

Ferocious and caught amidst a storm, but still holding on to your roots is what the idea of the design is.

This tattoo shows the power of simple flowers that bloom in the storm as well.

Colorful Buddhist Cherry Blossom 

According to the Buddhist ideology, all humans are mortal and will leave one day, and in accordance with this concept, this bareback tattoo shows bright and full of life red cherry blossom vanishing slowly.

Shades of Colour

Everyone has a past that may be good or bad. The cherry blossom tattoo has a highlighted color in

the background representing that past stays with us no matter what.

Cherry Love 

Ignited by a wild and ferocious desire, this tattoo represents the power with black being used as a dominant color with hues of red, giving it a majestic and royal feel.

Chinese Cherry Blossom

The symbolism of love and lust, this design is inspired by a famous painting in Chinese culture.

Blossom Branch

As suggested by the name, it has its branches full of blooming flowers that celebrate the growth of womanhood.

It is a perfect design for women symbolizing commitment and unique connections in life.

 A Branch of Cherry

The subtle interplay of colors with a pale and colorful palette at the same time makes this design alluring and exciting on the bareback. The leaves partly falling represent detachment.

Dainty Cherry Blossom 

The feminine power, it has a simple look to it with every branch having a flower. It symbolizes love and passion and often comes into consideration as an inspiration for lovers.

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