Celtic Tattoos

Written by: Pete

Presently Celtic refers to the culture and language that prevailed in the 6 countries, namely Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany and Isle of Man. The origin of this ethnolinguistic group are unknown in the absence of written records, but they were believed to be a warrior cult and their bodies bore their identities in the form of tattoos.

These special designs have come to be known as Celtic tattoos. Each tattoo told a story of their tradition and tales that would later orally travel through history. The unusual pattern and design of Celtic tattoos make them hugely popular and sought after by both men and women in modern times. Celtic warriors used these special tattoo designs inked all over their bare bodies in battlefields as a war strategy. The complex and intricate Celtic designs intimidated the enemies at war psychologically.

The exposed body tattoos were an integral part of Celtic warfare and were made with blue ink extracted from the Woad plant. These traditional, tribal designs of Celtic tattoos and bright hair that marked the Celtic warriors have found their way into the present day trend in tattoo designs.

Types of Celtic Tattoos & Their Meanings

  • Celtic cross and knots- Amongst the traditional Celtic Tattoo designs feature the cross and knots. On the upper chest and arms, Celtic knot tattoo with infinity sign is inked to symbolize long life. And Celtic cross tattoos add a spiritual meaning.
  • Celtic tattoo of animals like bull, butterfly, snake, and horse to symbolize bravery and courage.
  • Elements of the moon, star and nature like flowers and the tree of life all symbolize the celebration of world and life.
  • Dragon designs, another set of traditional Celtic designs symbolizing power and protection.
  • Couple Celtic tattoos which are matching designs symbolize love and purity of bond.
  • Celtic mandala designs reflect peace and unity.

50+ Celtic Tattoos Designs & Ideas

Final Verdict

Knowing where to place them on your body is also a trick. For a fitness freak, such tattoos look best on the shoulders and chest for maximum visibility and attention. You can ink them all over your arms, neck, thighs, hips, and feet. Smaller minimalistic tattoos look good on the face, wrists, and fingers. The intricate and complex designs reflect the complexity of one’s personality. Everyone likes to have an air of mystery around them. Celtic Tattoos are high on both design and depth.

The designs are beautiful, complex, symbolic and attractive. Not being gender specific makes them a popular choice for all. Modern tattoo artists have given their own creativity and innovations to the pre-existing designs. Deriving inspiration from the light manuscripts, metal artifacts, stone carvings and weapons from the Iron Age, new dimensions are being added to Celtic Tattoos.

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