Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

Written by: Pete

There are various types of tattoos; some inked as fashion statements, some to follow the trend, some to rebel against norms and others to honour a memory. Cancer ribbon tattoos are significant in symbolizing the deadly disease, spreading awareness and celebrating its survivors.

History of Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

In the 19th Century, women wore yellow ribbons for their husband in the military, a sign of support and courage. It was taken up in songs and movies of the time. The 20th century saw the yellow ribbon is derelict as a mark if memory for a loved one’s absence. When the husbands would be off to the military, jail or missing in action.

In 1991, the Komen NYC race started the use of pink ribbon as a symbol of celebration and support for breast cancer survivors. Pink ribbons got further popularised by the Self Magazine when they distributed cancer ribbons all over.

Meaning of Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

The primary reason for cancer ribbon tattoos is extending support to the cause and campaign.

  • As a sign of victory for the cancer survivors, who battled and won, and wear these ribbons as a sign of their success and pride. Cancer ribbons are away if showing that you are completely well.
  • They symbolize strength, bravery, and courage, the color of the ribbon being dependent on the type of cancer one was facing.
  • As a memorial for someone who lost the hard battle and succumbed to the disease. People ink breast cancer tattoos in painful memory of their loved ones, who left too soon and to remember them fondly and proudly.
  • As a symbol of support, for the person diagnosed with the disease, to make them feel loved and included, inked by their family members and friends. Cancer ribbon tattoos create a sense of togetherness during this dark and lonely phase in a patient’s life.

Types of Cancer Ribbon Tattoos

  • Memorial tattoos, which feature a ribbon with the name of the family member, linked below.
  • Bible verses in memory of the loved one.
  • Lavender ribbon, the most common symbol, to spread general awareness about cancer.
  • Blue ribbons, which symbolize the colon cancer or colorectal cancer. Designed in different styles and shapes, the theme always remains blue.
  • Brown ribbon tattoos are worn for the same type of cancer as blue ribbons, besides as a sign if support and memory.
  • A golden ribbon to commemorate the victory over childhood cancer and emerge a winner.
  • Green ribbon tattoos are inked as a sign of support for kidney cancer survivors.
  • Brain cancer is symbolized by a gray ribbon tattoo, both rare and dangerous as a disease.
  • Light blue tattoo to support childhood cancer and prostate cancer.
  • Pearl ribbon tattoo as a symbol of lung cancer.
  • The purple ribbon tattoo symbolizes some cancers, including testicular cancer, pancreatic cancer, and thyroid cancer.
  • The most common symbol of awareness is the pink tattoo for breast cancer.
  • White and yellow ribbon tattoos are very rare and most common cancer ribbon tattoos respectively. The white tattoo supports survivors of bone cancer, and the yellow tattoo symbolizes bladder cancer.

Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Designs

Anyone can wear Cancer ribbon tattoos in any region of the body. Large ribbon tattoos on the back, abdomen, chest, shoulders and along the spine, create look beautiful and unique. Minimalistic tattoos in the form of ribbon tattoos one can make on the neck, wrists, ankles, feet, collarbone and around the fingers.

Before getting inked, it is essential you have a clear idea of the design and the meaning behind the choice of your ribbon color and styles. A skilled artist can add many new dimensions to simple and basic cancer ribbon tattoos.

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