The Art of Snapchat

Friday, December 5, 2014 By Eyal


So this week has seemed pretty quiet on the “pop culture” front, or maybe it’s because I haven’t gone on Facebook pretty much all week. Can I get a fuck you finals? However, I have gone on snapchat (it’s one of my favorite forms of communication) and on occasion they have snaps from events going on throughout the U.S. and other countries, which I find to be totally rad. This week they have Art Basel in Miami featured, as a graphic designer I totally fan girl’d and watched all of it, maybe more than once…ok like 5 times, ok yes while sitting on the toilet, whatever. Art Basel is one of the worlds foremost Modern and Contemporary art shows. Just through the snaps I saw flipbooks of hummingbirds, graffiti artists, and even a couple of guys with jetpacks doing some sort of synchronized jetpacking, maybe it’ll become a new Olympics event. I thought that this is an awesome way of getting art out to the masses, especially to younger generations. With budget cuts constantly occurring in school art programs, snapchat is helping to get art out to the world. If you haven’t yet, I highly suggest downloading snapchat because lets face it who doesn’t like to send nudes, I mean ridiculous faces to their best buds, but also to see what’s going on; at this point I feel like I have attended EDC, Oktoberfest, The Purina National Dog Show, and Art Basel. Give it a shot snap.

With that said living in Los Angeles we are surrounded by museums, galleries, and other artsy places so I have decided to take it upon myself to suggest a few sweet places to check out. Maybe this weekend, maybe over winter break, or maybe when you just need to get a little inspiration.

Sass and Kisses, Hailey


This is Hailey’s Artsy-Fartsy Lowdown!

So lets face it saving money is always on my mind, mostly so I have enough to buy myself a whiskey sour at the end of the week. Here are a few museums that have free admission, some all the time some with selected days:

Art Walk

This event occurs once a month on the second Thursday of the month. Tons of galleries, stores, and vendors stay open late so you can come after work or school and check out everything. I love going to art walks they are always so lively and fun, plus there are tons of delicious food places to check out. My personal favorite is Top CheF Ilan Hall’s The Gorbals. They have a speakeasy feel, literally if you don’t know where it is you will have a hard time finding it; and there is a lack of cell service, which makes it an awesome place to actually talk to people!

California Science Center:

This is one of my favorite places, as someone who doesn’t understand science I find the Science Center to be so awesome and educational. They bring it into everyday terminology so even I can understand what’s going on.

J. Paul Getty Museum

This place has amazing views. And a sweet tram ride. Ok and the art there just wow!
I once went to a college night there and it was a blast. Students from all over the L.A. area eating, drinking, dancing, and looking at art. Literally four of my favorite things, and did I mention that its free, because it is! Even if they don’t have a college night going on, you should still check out the Getty Museum.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (aka LACMA)
Free on the second Tuesday of every month

LACMA has everything, like when I say everything I mean everything. They even have a rock, ok fine they have the “Levitated Mass” which is cool to get that one picture of you pretending to hold it. You can also get your tinder profile picture taken at Chris Burden’s “Urban Light” display, or maybe at Jesus Rafael’s “Penetrable” or as I like to call it sky spaghetti.

Melrose Trading Post
$2 admission

There are two locations, one at Taft High School in the valley and one at Fairfax High School on Melrose Ave. They have vendors from all over LA selling all sorts of things from furniture to art to succulents to bomb food trucks. It’s a cool place to check out if you want some vintage goodies and possibly a celebrity sighting.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (aka MOCA)
Free every Thursday from 5-8pm

If you like to see the works of artists closer to this generations age I suggest going to MOCA. They have a plethora of modern and contemporary art worth checking out. Plus I have seen a lot of handsome bearded men and cute hipster girls there. A museum is a great place to meet a potential boyfriend, girlfriend, or “fun” buddy.

Norton Simon Museum
Free on the first Friday of every month from 5-8pm

The Norton Simon is located in Pasadena, which is actually a really cool area in general. I would highly suggest taking advantage of the free Friday night and turning it into a date night or girls night out. You can see some art and then walk around in Pasadena, they have lots of wine bars, and some pretty decent shopping. Its like a two for one deal!

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