Tattify X Romeo Lacoste

Thursday, June 9, 2016 By Roger Sanchez


With summer just starting to heat up, we know you’ll LOVE this new collection we just dropped! We’re bringing out the big guns – Tattify collaborated with celebrity tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste on the Romeo Lacoste temporary tattoo collection.

His fans know him for his intense work with color and precision details. Straight from his hands, Romeo has designed Tattify’s first ever mix and match collection watercolor temporary tattoo collection!

Breaking into the world of tattoo art is no small feat, but Romeo made waves after landing his role on the reality competition show, Best Ink season 3. Quickly climbing his way to the top, his art now lives on celebrities including: Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Soulja Boy, YG, Janel Parish, O2L, A Day To Remember, Of Mice and Men,The Janoskians and many more!


Designed to give you the freedom to create your own look, this  set includes 6 sets of black and white tattoos (flowers, elephants, feathers, mandalas) that you bring to life with his watercolor (colors ranging from red, green, orange, yellow, blue, and rainbow) splashes. Watch Romeo Lacoste apply the temporary tattoos here!

With this DIY temporary tattoo collection, we wanted to give you the chance to skip the long ass line and get Romeo’s artwork on your body now. We had a blast working with Romeo to create this collection!


Delivering high quality designs is always a core value at Tattify, especially when we collaborate with such an amazingly talented artist.

We are all so excited and proud to share this collection with Romeo’s fans and our Tattify customers. This is a collection for the rebel or the dream seeker. It is a collection for those in need of a burst of creativity and a desire to unleash your free spirit. This collection embodies Romeo Lacoste’s unique style and we can’t wait for you to have fun!

Beat the rush and get your temporary tattoos here now!


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