Tattify X Meghan Rienks Collaboration

Friday, August 7, 2015 By Eyal


Summer isn’t over; so don’t put away your crop tops and bikinis just yet. Meghan Rienks, that’s right the highly popular comedy and lifestyle YouTube vlogger, teamed up with Tattify to collaborate on her very own temporary tattoo collection.

The world of Beauty Vloggers is massive. YouTube vloggers are making brand names and careers for themselves with their YouTube channels featuring fashion tips, beauty tips, even life advice. The digital world is everywhere and Meghan is one of ones at the very top.

Meghan is known in the YouTube world as the fun, outgoing, hilarious beauty vlogger who isn’t afraid to express herself in a genuine way. With over 1.8 million subscribers and 900k Instagram followers, she has created a name for herself that is far beyond just another beauty guru, she is now a fashion and lifestyle digital star.

Her fans know that they can count on Meghan to give you the best style tips, shopping tips, and even relationship or life advice. She is very candid about everything and she is also creative. Meghan herself designed the collection; we just brought it to life.

With Meghan’s 22nd birthday coming up soon, our team knew we had to work fast to make sure Meghan’s release would be in time for her birthday celebration. We wanted her to have fun while wearing her very own tattoo designs.

Our creative team worked with Meghan to make a collection that would not only best reflect her signature style and personality, but also utilize some new tattoo effects that haven’t been used before!

MEGHAN RIENKS glow in the dark gold temporary tattoo

At Tattify we put everything we have into our collaborations. To us, product quality is of high importance, so we tested every tattoo design before it was ready for release. So trust us, they are amazing!


So what exactly is Meghan Rienks collection like? It features inspirational quotes, geometric shapes and nature-inspired designs. Plus, we added in the white ink and holographic effect to make her tattoos pop even more.


We are all so excited and proud to share this collection with Meghan’s fans and our Tattify customers. It is a collection that is for the boho chic, or the traveler. It is a collection for those in need of inspiration and a unique style. This collection is one that shows what Meghan Rienks loves in her life to share with you.

XOXO Tattify.

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