Tattify + Black Milk Clothing = A New (and more glamorous) Frontier

Thursday, May 7, 2015 By Eyal


Tattify is here, there, and everywhere these days, bringing you the cool, the original, and the custom looks that you crave. We’re popping up on your Instagram feed, out on the street, and at Tinder launch parties. And now, we have even reached the land of forbidden dreams, the land of dazzling people and spectacular feats, a town where Hunter S. Thompson says “reality itself is too twisted.” We have reached Las Vegas, people.

Our latest escapade featured custom nail wraps in collaboration with the fabulous Black Milk Clothing! And who better to tango with in the city of sin?

Black Milk Clothing is posh, hip, and ok, a little naughty. If you’re looking for anything from a killer “pink battle spike” workout fit to a tartan red cat suit, Black Milk Clothing has you covered… Which in this up-coming summer season means covered just enough.

While bonding at SharkieCon, Tattify and Black Milk Clothing found that our followers have some overlapping qualities: They all have beautiful minds, whimsical souls, and killer looks. What an honor it is to be in business with you sly foxes
Tattify and Black Milk Clothing make a perfect duo because we can get you out the door and looking fly with hardly any time, care, or worry.


Between Black Milk Clothing’s suave suits and our glam-fab designs, you’ll be properly geared for ultimate hipness on any occasion. Black Milk Clothing’s fashion-forward and versatile clothing line is the perfect match to Tattify’s edgy and unique nail wraps and tattoos. How do we know?

We’ve tested it by putting our heads together to cook up something truly delish for SharkieCon Las Vegas. Together with Black Milk Clothing, we got to know our followers and got the chance to cover their bodies with our newest creations. Event goers were bestowed with a gift bag of our Tattify custom nail wraps. We included over 400 styles to share with our new friends. What a better way to reach out than with a gift?

Black Milk Clothing thought so too, and that’s why we make such great partners in crime. When Tattify and Black Milk Clothing got together, we created a stunning and eclectic couple.

To add a super edgy feel to Black Milk Clothing’s mod-glam appeal, we also created a batch of custom-made temporary tattoos which featured zombies and eyeballs for their Halloween line. These macabre little stamps added a special flare to the costumes, and Black Milk Clothing included these fun tats with each Halloween purchase. How rad?

This partnership with Black Milk Clothing makes a lot of sense not only because of our common cunning in the fashion world, but because we are always looking forward to what’s next on the horizon.

The Message: We may look pretty cute and maybe even harmless, but if you really look, you’ll see how fierce we are.

That’s the goal of our outfits and our partnership: to be attractive and sweet on one side, but to have layers of mystery, strength, and creativity as well.

If you are like us, you are always looking for new ways to create, to explore, and to express your ideas. Join Tattify and Black Milk Clothing in doing just that. When you peruse our online catalogues for ideas, remember that the choice, the formation, and the concept are always yours. Mix and match, custom-make, and try new things!

We are excited to have a companion in creativity like Black Milk Clothing, and we are excited to have you on board our journey to making the world a little more interesting, inspiring, and chic. Go ahead and be a pioneer in the new frontier of fashion clothing and glam accessories!

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