Q+A With Tattify Artist Miss Pop

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 By Julia


Miss Pop is a New York City based nail artist who mainly works in editorial magazines and alongside the runway. Simcha (aka Miss Pop) took time out of her busy, photoshoot filled life to design a line of DIY Nail Art Sticker Stencils and Metallic Nail Art Tattoos that will blow your mind! Each product shows a little how-to tutorial of getting that perfect mani! Each sticker / tattoo is even more fun than the next, and we can’t wait to see what you do with them!

You can get Miss Pop’s Collection here, and be sure to use #madewithmisspop on social media so we can see your creations!

Plus, watch a video about the collaboration process, and special How-To videos on our Vimeo!

1. Miss POP! What’s the story behind your name?

I do love Pop Art, but my name is really an homage to Iggy Pop. I’ve seen him live a handful of times and he is full of energy. He isn’t jaded. He isn’t aloof. He’s one happy rebel. I really love that at 68 is still enjoying the career he started and songs he wrote in his 20s. And his last album with The Stooges was amazing! I want to bring that same consistent enthusiasm to my work.

2. What sparked your love of nail art?

I love to do up my make up and dress up in the poofiest of dresses to match my poofy hair everyday, but, I really don’t see any of those things. What I do see is my hands- typing, holding a glass, and, of course, painting. For me, there is no more fun and ephemeral self expression than nail art. This week I might feel a negative space violet mani, next week maybe it’ll be black and metallic. Whatever I want in the moment I can have! My nails are the beauty regimen I do for myself.

3. How has your life changed after you made the career switch?

Before I became a nail artist, I wrote for kids. I worked for Nickelodeon, Pokémon and Disney. The funny thing is, I think being a nail artist requires even more imagination. Since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with painting my nails. So, I decided to go to beauty school to up my nail game for my posts on tumblr, where I was connecting with a rad group of artists around the world who had an equally strong lacquer obsession.

I think the biggest difference between the careers is that as a writer, what you create is inside your head all day. It’s a pretty solitary profession and whatever you write lives on in books, the Internet, on TV, etc… One of the things I love about nail art is that everyday I’m creating something new and temporary. I love being on set and collaborating with all the different beauty/fashion editors, models/celebrities, and photographers to get an incredible story together.

4. You rock a baller pouf in your hair almost every day. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

OMG Thank you! It takes me five minutes. I’ve been doing it forever. I practically danced out the womb with a pompadour, or as my bff likes to call it— the Pop-adour. My hair is the easiest part. Getting ready in the morning is one of my favorite things. I love combing my closet and accessory drawers to put together the perfect outfit. All in all, I take about 45 minutes to slap it on and pull it together. I’m so not a morning person! But the thought of getting ready gets me out of bed.

5. Favorite nail trend right now?

I can’t get enough of negative space. It’s a trend I saw coming from Japan. I like to joke that negative space manis are like nail bikinis. Who isn’t daring enough to show a little nail bed? But maybe the best part is, when your polish starts to chip it totally blends in with your design. And now it’s easy-peasy to get the look with my Tattify collab Sticker Stencils.

6. If you were a cocktail, what type of cocktail would you be and why?

My drink is a vodka straight up with a twist. I like to distill my designs down to their chicest, strongest elements. I also don’t like to do things halfway. I always give100%, just like my favorite bevie.

7. Out of all the nails you’ve done, what’s one that sticks out in your mind as a favorite?

It’s always changing! I’m always trying to live in the moment. My fav design is the next one I’m going to do.

8. Your collection with Tattify is different than anything we’ve done before! Kudos to introducing a DIY aspect to our products! How has the whole collaboration process been for you, and what do you think of the final result?

Aw, I love playing around in my secret nail art laboratory trying to come up with fresh looks. Thank you to Tattify for giving me so many great pieces to play with and the support to create something new together!

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since our first meeting. The amazing Julia and Michael and I have put so much heart into this line. I just hope everyone likes what we’ve created together as much as I’ve enjoyed collaborating with Tattify.

9. How often do you switch up your own mani?

Once a week. Okay, maybe twice if I’m feeling a design.

10. If you had to stick with 1 color combo forever, what would it be?

Black and metallics for life! I’d miss violet, fuchsia, and fire engine red, but I’d survive. I can’t live if living is without sparkle. 

11. What has been your most challenging venture creatively?

Fashion Week! Creating runway nail art looks with designers is my favorite kind of work. I love looking into the future and imagining what I’d like to be wearing next season. How I can evolve the trends from here to there? I’ve had the pleasure of working with designers like Jeremy Scott, Alice + Olivia, Charlotte Ronson, Erin Fetherston, Reem Acra, BCBG, and Rodarte. I’m like a kid in a candy store going through the racks of their new designs looking for inspiration.

12. Do you have any advice to aspiring manicurists, or artists in general?

Share on social media! I started my whole career by posting my work on tumblr..

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