Q+A With Tattify Artist Lucia Tognarelli

Monday, October 26, 2015 By Julia


Lucia is a Argentinian Graphic Designer currently traveling the world. Her vibe is holographically blissful and we are so excited to share this tattoo collaboration with you. Learn a little bit more about this unique illustrator below.

You can shop her sheet of holographic tattoos here.

1. From where do you draw inspiration??

What inspire me most definitely are my friends, music and beer. In any situation that combines those three things, I’m going to get something to draw.

2. The “Satan Enters Your Soul In Many Ways” illustration on your Tumblr is really rad. Do you consider yourself an artist making “feminist” art?

Not really, I consider myself a feminist, but mostly what I do is play with humor and irony, combining the two into drawings and text in a way that seems interesting to me.

3. In what ways does “Satan” enter your soul?

Oh in so many ways! I could name some… but I think it’s best described as watching all the films of David Lynch and then getting to drawing or writing.

4. What has been your favorite interaction with a local in a foreign city?

Definitely drinking whiskey and taking pictures of these tattoos with Julia Walck (Art Director at Tattify), she is the best companion for drinks and creativity that I have found in LA.

5. What is the craziest thing you’ve seen in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is crazy in itself, but once we were about to enter a FIDLAR concert, and someone from a car shouted: Who is playing? and from the line someone else said SHAKIRA!
I also saw a guy from the window of a car, telling each person crossing the street: YOU ARE A WINNER!

6. How does pizza make you feel?

Pizza makes me feel at home, I feel complete whenever I have a portion, any style.

7. If you could be a gif, what would it look like?

Probably a crushed can of beer, or a cake exploded on the floor.

8. Do you have any pen pals?

My boyfriend, we take all the coffee that we can at dinners, and we draw until the waiters look at us in a weird way.

9. What is the first piece of art you remember seeing and regarding as art?

 The drawings of my father and the architectural drawings of my mom.


10. Which project off your Behance was your favorite to work on?

Any of the Make My Day, they are my best friends and everything we do together is a pleasure. Especially when we do graphic pieces for parties and anniversaries.

11. Do you ever do collaborations with other artists?

Yes, anytime that I can, I think it is a beautiful way of doing new things.

12. Your collection is holographic which is really sweet and also relevant. Do you feel like that vibe is a trend that transcends borders?

Certainly, it is something that refers to fantasy for me, I was born in 1986 at the time all was holographic and was for quite some time.

13. What is the DIY scene in Argentina like?

 It is quite large and interesting; there are great artists and people with lots of energy to make publications, festivals and meetings.

14. If you could make a holograph of a celebrity to follow you around everywhere, who would it be?

Very difficult to choose only one, I think Joan Rivers, or Sarah Silverman.They are my friends, they just don’t know it yet.

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