Q + A With Tattify Artist Caroline Goldfarb

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 By Julia


1. What led you to the life of witty pop culture photoshopping?

As they say, “I didn’t choose the game. The game chose me.” I’ve always been obsessed with pop culture, and Instagram’s a perfect medium for me to use images to explore this obsession of mine.

2. Out of all the celebrities you poke fun at, who is your favorite?

That is such a hard question.  I always have a soft spot for Britney Spears though.  She’s my girl. 

3. What would happen if you met Lisa Frank IRL?

I actually have met Lisa Frank IRL! I was completely speechless, and mumbled like a blathering idiot to her about how much she means to me.  She was a tiny, beautiful Jewish goddess and it was one of the absolute highlights of my life.  

4. You’ve recently been dubbed the “Patron Saint of Internet Madness” by Kyle Pitzpatrick of Los Angeles Magazine. What do you think of your new title? 

It’s an honor! I’m just happy people are finally beginning to recognize how crazy I truly am :)

5. How would you describe your style?

My style is like if US Weekly and Lisa Frank got together and had a stoned, horny baby.  And the baby was covered in sparkles. 

6. You’re the first Tattify artist to incorporate GLITTER into your tattoos! How does it feel to have your work translated into tats and nail wraps?

It is a TRUE HONOR! Glitter is very important to me. I hope everyone that uses these beautiful tattoos can feel like a cheap Las Vegas stripper covered in glitter, even if just for one night.  I can’t even express how much I am IN LOVE with these tattoos and nail wraps.  They’re so perfect.  I actually want to marry them.  And I hope people like them too! 
7. 7. You sell stickers, prints, buttons, and even custom cakes on your site! How do you come up with this stuff?! 

I just think about what I would want to buy– and then I make it! My new favorite item is my Whoopi Goldberg pins.  They’re out of this world. 
8. Who is your spirit animal?

I think my spirit animal is George Costanza. 

9. What’s your process in making a collage?

 Well– I visualize it, find the pictures I want to use, and then put them together in photoshop.  If I’m doing a collage on a very niche subject, things can get pretty complicated. For example: a collage featuring images of Bill Clinton stretching might involve hours of combing through Google Images for the perfect images. 

10. If you were a cocktail, what kind of cocktail would you be?

You know those frozen drink machines in Vegas that automatically pump out alcoholic slurpees? I would be a giant souvenir cup of one of those. 

11. Do you classify glitter as a color?

Glitter is not a color– it’s a WAY OF LIFE! 

12. Any advice on how to succeed and stand out on social media? 

Use hashtags when you’re getting started so more people see your stuff! Otherwise, just upload a bunch of sexy selfies and good pics of your butt.  That seems to work for most girls on IG! 

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