Q + A With Tattify Artist Ali Gulec

Monday, July 20, 2015 By Julia


Ali Gulec is a designer and illustrator from Istanbul. His attention to detail, striking colors and subject matter in particular is what caught our eye. These pieces translated into tattoos make for one colorful, edgy accessory! Check out Ali’s tattoo collection here, and have a look at our Q + A below.

1. Skulls and animals. Why the fascination?

Well they’re both fun to work on. I find it quite exciting to surprise people by putting them into unexpected forms and characters.

2. You did the poster design for Bonnaroo this year. That’s so rad! How was that experience?

I was so honored when they came to me to design the poster of 2015. I also felt a little pressure as this was something huge for me but in the end I managed to come up with something that everyone liked and the feedback was quite satisfying.

3. Cats or dogs?

I have 2 dogs and I am allergic to cats. So the answer is obvious I guess.

4. What about Istanbul inspires you? Is it reflected in your work?

Istanbul has been the greatest inspiration resource for me of course. It’s so unique and cosmopolit in a way that you can never find anywhere. It’s both European and Asian at the same time and the diversity of the people living in it makes it a much more colorful place. In most of my works, you can find pieces of memories belonging to this city.

5. What’s your favorite quote?

“Actions speak louder than words.”

6. How has the response to your temporary tattoos been?

The response was great. I have many friends waiting to order these tattoos.

7. What medium do you mostly use for your work?

I don’t have any favourite technique for my artworks. I sometimes take photos and make collage, sometimes use pencil but I always make the final touch at my computer, mostly using Photoshop.

8. When you were growing up, what was your dream job?

Well I had many but I always wanted to be an automobile designer.

9. What motivates you?

My family.

10. Walk us through your daily routine. 

Since I have my own design studio, I don’t have to get up too early. In the morning I have some time with my kids and then when I get to work, I work mostly non-stop for my commercial clients till it’s dinner time. After everybody goes to sleep, I start drawing some stuff just for fun and they sometimes become works for my portfolio.

11. Any words of encouragement or advice for aspiring artists and designers out there?

Do what motivates you most. Don’t listen to anybody else if you don’t feel their thoughts are good for you. If you like what you do more than anything in the World, I bet you will be very successful in the end.

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