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Tuesday, May 5, 2015 By Julia


In the beginning stages of researching nail wraps for Tattify (yes, before Tattify wraps were born), this blog called Make My Day came up a lot. How can you say no to their line work / tribal patterns / all around fun vibe?! Here’s the answer: you can’t.

We kept them in the back of our minds every day, until one day we mustered up the courage to approach them about our very first nail artist collaboration. Maria of Make My Day excitedly said yes!

Since I lack the ability to fly to Argentina where their salon is, I’ll just use these nail wraps and pretend Maria painted them for me instead. Speaking of their salon, um, how cute is it?! Look at that nail polish heart wall. And a fridge filled with polish?! Can I live here?

If I could sum up this collab in three words it would be fun, fun, fun. Maria might be able to sum it up a bit more eloquently below in this rad Q + A.

1. How does it fee to have your work translated into nail wraps?
It is very exiting for us that our fans around the world can have our designs in their hands.

2. If you had to do a rough guesstimate, how many nails would you say you’ve painted in your lifetime?
Since i been painting nails for 15 years, let’s say about…66.000, we love number 66!

3. You say you dabble in tattooing as well. How does that differ for you to painting nails?
Real tattos are for ever, It’s a big commitment.

4. How do you take your coffee?
Dark coffee, first thing in the morning, always.

5. What’s your main source of inspiration?
I found it in music, friends and good moments.

6. Intricate tribal patterns are a repeating motif in your work. How did that become your signature style?
Because i can free my mind with tribal designs, there is no an only way to do them.

7. Can you remember the weirdest / most random nail art design you’ve done? Describe it.
I remember the world cup nails that we were doing at that time, saying good bye to the teams that were eliminated, we had a lot of fun and the clients too! I also remember a pixel design and one of tombstones to forget ex boyfriends.

8. Being a nail artist seems like a niche field of work. What drew you to it?
Smooth paint boredom and finding something else.

9. How has nail artistry changed your life?
Everything is much more colorful and fun, play with my creativity every day, I am more fancy and have more money.

10. What does your future look like?
Painting nails with my own successful brand of cosmetics, traveling and taking drinks in L.A!

11. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
In my dreams and happy hours!

Be sure to shop the Make My Day nail wrap collab here!


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