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Friday, December 11, 2015 By Julia


Jess and Stef Dadon are better known as the super fab Aussie sisters behind the blog, How Two Live. Have a peek if you want to be super jealous of literally everything in their wardrobe, and be inspired by all the colors, patterns and diary entries.

We teamed up with The How Two Live sisters to create some super awesome mixy, matchy knuckle tattoos and nail stickers! From food, fashion, and lifestyle, this collection covers it all. Get yourself covered in the HTL x Tattify line here.

Get to know Jess + Stef a little bit, too while you’re at it via the Q+A below.

1. What sparked the name How Two Live?

It was a real team effort – our brother came up with the tag line ‘fashion, culture and how to live’, and then we round tabled the idea with some of our cousins one night, and How Two Live was born.

2. How many pairs of sunglasses do you own? PS all of them are AMAZING.

Hmmmm definitely more than we’d like to admit… at the moment we have around 60 pairs but the number is always rising.

3. Tips for shopping on a budget?

Vintage is always a great option – we’ve found some of our best treasures in thrift stores. We also love hunting for bargains online as there are always good sales to be found.

4. Donuts or ice cream?

Chocolate cake.

5. How did the two of you get into nail art?

We’re always looking for new ways to up the crazy of our outfits, and printed nail art seemed like the perfect accessory for our printed outfits. The love affair grew from there and now you’ll never catch us without our colourful detailed claws.

6. Name one specific item of clothing you can’ live without.

Our Vintage Minnie Mouse jacket – we found it in one of our favourite stores in Tokyo called Dog.

7. When you first started your blog, did you expect it to grow this rapidly / turn into what it is today?

Definitely not… when we started How Two Live we both had other jobs and thought it would be more of a fun side project for us to do together. It wasn’t until about a year into it that we began to realise the amazing potential and turned it into full time work.

8. What kind of response to the nail stickers have you gotten? How about the tattoos?

People have been loving them! We posted some finger tattoos with matching nail art about six months ago to gage reactions and people went crazy for them so we’re super excited to now be releasing our very own.

9. You recently released a book! Congratulations! How was the experience for you?

It’s been a really awesome project, we started writing the book just over a year ago so we had to be hush hush about it for sooo long. We’ve loved finally being able to share it with everyone – the book launched in Aus and the UK in September this year, and we’ll be coming over to The US to release it there early next year.

10. Do either of you have any real tattoos?

No, we think of them like an accessory that we can change to match our outfits so we keep the tattoos temporary, although we are big into piercings. Fun fact about us, collectively we’ve had 18 piercings.

11. Any advice to all the bloggers out there?

Stay true to yourself – create a blog that shows off your personal strengths, interests or style rather than mimicking someone elses.

12. If you could send your past self a note, what would it say?

Don’t waste all that time creating the perfect Myspace profile.

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