Face Rocks – Your Festival Face Made Simple

Friday, June 17, 2016 By Roger Sanchez

Face Rocks landed at Tattify!

Face Rocks have long been adorned by various cultures throughout history, and have recently been illuminating the red carpets and fashion runways by celebrities and models alike. They are now becoming the new festival must-have for girls dedicated to dialing up their outfits, to stand out from the crowd and turn heads, with an embellishment that lights up their face – sometimes literally.

To date Face Rocks have been painstakingly applied one rhinestone at a time, and even then, it is difficult to keep them glued on. Until now. Tattify has taken this delicate art form and made an amazing product that is simpler and easier to use. Tattify’s Face Rocks are designed in the form of face stickers, that can be applied in two very easy steps – Peel and Stick! Just remove the sticker from it’s backing and gently apply it to the face. That’s it! With zero fuss you look festive, beautiful and ready to go.

Tattify Face Rocks come in over 15 amazing designs, in three distinct collections; “festival”, “rave”and “tribal”.  The “festival” collection provides accessible artistic face embellishments, for the girl who wants to accessorize around the statement piece of her outfit. The “rave” collection draws on the  bright bold colours and designs from the playful, poppy, disco vibes of the 90’s rave. The “tribal” collection was inspired by traditional face paint, using the geometric shapes of dots and lines to adorn the face.  

Tattify Face Rocks are the perfect accessories to glam up your look, styling your outfit for all venues, parties and outings in a way that avoids being tacky and adds a genuine, bold touch. Tattify is excited to bring accessibility to Face Rocks through this one-of-a-kind line, allowing the new age girl to simply express and liven up her unique style with a face freshly alit in colourful rhinestones and creative patterns.  Take a look around the Tattify gallery and see what could accent your favorite parts of your face—highlight your cheeks, set off the sparkle in your eye, or just play around with the new dimensions a little design can provide.

Tattify – trust your ink-stincts

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