22 Feeds to Follow in 2015

Wednesday, January 7, 2015 By Julia

A pretty hefty list but… You’ll thank me later. Here are some of my personal favorite Instagram accounts you should get familiar with in 2015.

1. Who: Ricardo Gonzalez
What: @itsaliving
Why: Exceptional lettering, typography, lettering, calligraphy, and typeface design.
Followers: 44.4K

2. Who: Shiona Turini
What: @shionat
Why: I just happen to think that Shiona is one of the coolest gals in fashion with a CV that includes Cosmopolitan, CR Fashion Book, Teen Vogue and W. She’s practically BFF’s with my favorite person ever, Solange (which is kind of why I’m obsessed…) Fun style, travels, and friendships found here.
Followers: 36.6K

3. Who: Domaine Home
What: @domainehome
Why: Need a go-to for interior inspiration and tips? Domaine is one of many, but quite possibly my number one.
Followers: 226K

4. Who: Olivia Lopez
What: @lusttforlife
Why: One of my favorite LA-based, fashion and lifestyle bloggers. She finds the best places to visit with her LA-chic, relaxed and cool style.
Followers: 209K

5. Who: Joe Greer
What: @ioegreer
Why: A great mix of shadow and light in portraiture and landscape from this Colorado photographer.
Followers: 232K

6. Who: Lawrence Agyei
What: @lawrenceagyei
Why: A full dose of culture and life in the city, by Chicago-based photographer.
Followers: 3.1K

7. Who: Nadine Ijewere
What: @_nji___
Why: Beautiful and empowering fashion and portrait photography that furthers the dialogue of the representation of women and what defines beauty.
Followers: 5.4K

8. Who: Linda Lomelino
What: @linda_lomelino
Why: Some of the most delicious arrangements and recipes you will ever see. Great photography and great food, what else can you ask for?
Followers: 358K

9. Who: Guided by Cereal Magazine
What: @guidedbycerealmag
Why: City guides by Cereal Magazine. A good way to find other instragrammers you may love, as they feature many contributors from all over. Cereal Magazine has a great account, as well.
Followers: 65.2K

10. Who: Eric LittleCoal
What: @littlecoal
Why: Let me just say, get ready to travel.
Followers: 195K

11. Who: Joonbug
What: @freshkaufee
Why: The perfect one-stop-shop for photography, illustration, typography, original artwork, old-school, music, coffee. His website and blog are one of my primary sources for inspiration.
Followers: 7K

12. Who: Christina Rinaldi
What: @thisisprima
Why: Stunningly cool design with a peculiar dose of fashion, film and perfectly manicured nails.
Followers: 22.6K

13. Who: Adrian Walker
What: @aoctaviusw
Why: Fellow St. Louis native, photographer and VSCO curator shares his home, creative travels and observances of people and spaces.
Followers: 4.9K

14. Who: Ta-ku
What: @takubeats
Why: Cool, monochromatic tones dress the many unique images of travel and leisure from music producer and engineer, Ta-ku.
Followers: 89.4K

15. Who: Sierra Odessa
What: @sierraodessa
Why: Photographer and writer from my hometown, St. Louis, Sierra is one of my favorite visual artists, if not my number one favorite. From home to NY to Chicago, photographs, alone, do not live here—stories do.
Followers: 8.5K

16. Who: Dapper Lou
What: @dapperlou
Why: A rich feed doused in fashion, food, culture, and travel—all shared with exceptional photography.
Followers: 58.2K

17. Who: Amber Wilson
What: @fortheloveofthesouth
Why: Southern hospitality with special food photography and southern recipes.
Followers: 134K

18. Who: The Untitled by Reyes Mendoza
What: @theuntitled
Why: Unique black and white compositions accompany by one word on each photography, and when read altogether throughout the feed it tells a story of the will to do more. You can also follow the photographer himself.
Followers: 8.5K

19. Who: Street Etiquette by Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs
What: @streetetiquette
Why: Although particularly for men, a good place for style and culture from an urban and historical perspective.
Followers: 144K

20. Who: Solange Knowles
What: @saintrecords
Why: Personally, aside from the many reasons why I love her, Solange is one of the only celebrities who does Instagram, right. From her personal style to her creative fabulousness, you wish you were a Knowles. Let’s be honest.
Followers: 699K

21. Who: Bee Walker
What: @beewalker_
Why: One of my favorite female photographers next to Sierra Odessa, who actually happen to be friends. Bee is also the wife to photographer, Rog Walker, who is most recently known for shooting Solange’s wedding. The two are a remarkable, creative pair. Bee has a great collection of work, and one of my favorite instagram feeds if you need to feel inspired.
Followers: 10K

22. Who: R.M. Drake
What: @rmdrk
Why: Just one account of many with words we wish we could say.
Followers: 966K




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