Blackwork Tattoos - What Are They And 101+ Ideas

Written by: Jason White

As you can see the name itself implies that there are no other colors except for the large areas of black in the sketch.

If you’re still unsure of where to get a tattoo on your body you may consider a list of commonly tattooed areas such as arm, leg, neck, or chest.

However, an ordinary tattoo done with black ink is not Blackwork. But the application of a solid black square on the body, for example, is Blackwork style. This style is for people who appreciate minimalism and admire the boldness and severity of black.


What is the meaning of the blackwork tattoo?

What Makes Blackwork Tattoos Unique?

  • No hidden or philosophical meanings behind it, unlike their ancestor, the Polynesian (tribal) pattern
  • Uses only dense black ink
  • The only style that doesn’t use shading (only carbon black is used to create patterns)
  • Drawings are often patterns based on principles of geometry and symmetry
  • Often emphasize the contours of the body and placed on vast expanses of skin
    • Common areas include the chest, leg, arm, or neck
    • This fact is important especially to those who get black tattoo sleeves (these sleeves also look original and bright)
  • Very popular as an overlay for previous tattoos and scars

Blackwork Tattoo Ideas

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