Aztec Tattoos

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Aztec tattoos are something that attracts men a lot these days, and they believe that it boosts up their energy levels and have a positive vibe around them. Having an Aztec tattoo inked on our body sometimes can also help you get favors from the gods. In the recent trends these tattoos also greatly reflect on one’s personality.

These tattoos represent Aztec gods and their ruthless civilization of the 14 the century which was located in a Mexican city. The Aztecs were in continuous war those days, what is interesting in this war is that usually in battle the warriors try to kill their opponent, but in here the warriors don’t kill their enemies instead they capture them and later sacrifice them this was considered as debts paid to their gods. The more the number of enemies captured the nobler place for the warriors at the civilization. The prolific warriors were called in the name jaguar warrior or eagle warrior.
Wearing these tattoos meant that they had great respect for the culture and are bound to live threatening duties. Aztec tattoos are usually the faces or symbols of gods or animals possessing power, and they came from the Aztec rituals. It is mostly done on black and grayscale but we also have them in vibrant colors, and the choice is ours.

Aztec Tattoo Designs

Aztec eagle tattoo – mostly favorite among men, and it symbolizes all the qualities of a protector.
In ancient days men who boar this symbol were warriors of the tribe and this tattoo represented their pride in their duty.

Aztec crocodile tattoo- according to ancient beliefs the earth was formed from the body of this gruesome creature which was considered to be the first god. It symbolizes dominance and creation. Pioneers who don’t go by any rules and regulations may also be perceived with this symbol.

Aztec sun tattoo- this tattoo is usually picked by men who are looking for large tattoos which depict Aztec calendar consisting of numeric values, months and different sun gods. It symbolizes life, leadership, and power.

Aztec feathered serpent tattoo- helps men boost up their positive vibes and bring in success in their fields. The serpent is considered to be the most powerful god of learning, creativity, arts, and crafts.

Aztec warrior tattoo- afterlife is depicted using this tattoo with the combination of eagle tattoo.
Men whose life is always on the verge line due to their work life choose this tattoo. The eagle gives them the needed source of courage and strength and will power in daringly doing things.

Aztec calendar tattoo- it represents the face of the fifth sun which was considered to be the current ruler. It also has destroyed faces of other four suns showing the dominant power of the current ruler over the previous ruler. It is a large design of carved stone with a detailed incepts.

Aztec facemask tattoo- depicts traditional maidens of the civilization with heavily feathered hairdressers; it channels people’s glory. It is one of the best picks for a chest piece of muscular men.

Aztec skull tattoo- represents the darker side of the civilization’s archaeological legacy. It symbolizes lust, anger, envy, wrath, etc. It has a gruesome view and tends to have a negative vibe.

Aztec laborer tattoo- this beautifully depicts the hard work of laborers with an underlying diligence theme which pays a huge tribute to them for building up the civilization. This tattoo is surrounded by various architectural themes which portrait authenticity.

Aztec princess tattoo- it is one design which will never disappoint you when compared to the fierce warrior or powerful creatures. It is a pleasant tattoo of a maiden from whom, taking off your eyes once cast is difficult.

Aztec devil girl tattoo- she is a four-eyed gothic princess with her forehead crossed attracting many beating hearts of guys. She has a traditional hair dress of a maiden and lots of pieces of jewelry to make it more like devil princess.

Mayan vision serpent- one of the very important gods of the civilization which has a powerful visionary of the future. This tattoo has lots of miniature work but each pain undergone endures a perfect result. So go for this only if you can bear the pain.

Aztec pyramids- if you are looking for a tattoo that has to cover the entire back this should be your choice. The combination of pyramids and two feathered serpents makes a perfect match with the pyramid on your lower back and the serpents hovering on top of it.

Aztec root tattoo- represents bloodline of their heritage and culture also shows how deep their relationship was with their civilization. It is one unique design which would surely catch up people’s eyes.

And we have a lot more tattoos with lots and lots of things that you must keep in mind before getting your tattoo done know your tattoo know what is symbolizes check whether it would suit you and always get it done in a qualified place because once done we cannot change anything.

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