Armband Tattoos

Written by: Pete

As the name suggests, an armband tattoo is inked in a way that it looks like a band around one’s arm or the forearm. The phrase “wear your heart on your sleeve” fulfills the primary purpose of an armband tattoo. Usually, it’s a solid black band symbolizing mourning or loss of someone.

Getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, so why not get the best one? When you choose a design, you need to make sure that it matches your personality and attitude, considering the symbolism of the elements and the colors used there. There’s a wide range of tattoos to choose from for the tattoo enthusiasts. Armband tattoos can range from the simplest to the most complicated designs. Here’s a list for you:

Armband Tattoo Designs

  • Solid black bands

The most common type of armband tattoo is the solid band which signifies the loss of someone or mourning. Men and Women of different age get it to carry the memories of the lost one.

  • Landscapes

Those who love nature and scenic beauty can get this kind of tattoo. It can be the forests, mountains, beaches, etc. making a band around the arm.

  • Tribal

Tribal armband tattoos usually include elements like abstract symbols and designs inked together in a band. These are the most popular kind of armband tattoos amongst everyone.

  • Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are inked to give a more artistic touch to one’s personality. Different flowers portray different things, e.g. the sun, flowers symbolize longevity and happiness.

  • Dots

Those who love minimalism can get the dots forming a band altogether. There can be many dots making a band or a minimalistic line of dots combined with thin lines giving it more of a feminine touch.

  • Scripts or letters

If you love to write or admire the beauty of words, then you can get different words or sentences inked as an armband tattoo. One gets to choose from n number of fonts. E.g. hop,e written in cursive font.

  • Gradient

Gradient tattoos create imagery itself showing a blend of colors making it very beautiful. One needs to go to a skilled artist as it requires a lot of detailing and hard work.

  • Leaves

Differently shaped leaves are used to make a wreath looking band. It usually depicts cycle of life or one’s journey. One can get different kinds of leaf, each having different meaning and shape.

  • Arrows

An arrow armband tattoo can have different meanings as every arrow has a different shape. It basically shows power or good sense of direction. Men and Sagittarius are more likely to get an arrow tattoo.

  • Mythological Animals

Mythical animals such as dragons or mermaids can be inked around the arm. Mythical tattoos reflect on one’s beliefs such as dragon tattoo will depict strength and power.

  • Celtic knots

These are the chain type tattoos which look like rope knots. These represent loyalty and eternity usually inked by those who hold strong beliefs about the code.

  • Stars or Galaxy

Cosmos lovers are the ones looking for such tattoos. It’s perfect for you! Stars of different sizes can be inked together resembling a galaxy which is a magic in itself. It also includes the moon, planets or the solar system.

  • Barbed Wire tattoos

The barbed wire tattoos are inked to show the pain warriors or those who fought in the wars went through. It can also have different meanings but most people get it done to show the pain.

  • Feathers

Men and Women get a single feather or a bunch of feathers inked around the arm as an armband tattoo. It depicts the idea of freedom, courage or love for skies.

  • Hindi mantras

There are people devoted to the spiritual things such as praying. They like to get tattoos of different mantras or shlokas written in vedas or ancient scriptures. For e.g. Om Namah Shivay!

  • Magical Charms and Spells

Men and Women who like fantasy and imagination love to get such tattoos. Such tattoos take inspiration from all the fantasies in the world such as the famous Harry Potter series. For e.g. Alohomora, a spell from Harry Potter series which was used to unlock something.

  • Important Dates

These are the most personalised and common tattoo people get. It is inked in a way it goes around one’s arm. One can get any date which has some important meaning or value in their life. For e.g. Parent’s wedding anniversary.

  • Details

All those who love art find details in almost everything they see; this tattoo is for all the artists out there. Even though it the most subjective kind of armband tattoo, many men and women get something related to their personality with intricate details. For e.g. Detailed eyes of an owl covering the arm.

I hope you could find one for yourself!

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