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Different people prefer different tattoo designs and the area for it to be drawn on. Since you are here for finding out the trendiest ankle tattoos for women, lets jump right straight into it! Ankle tattoos are in vogue among women as they are delicate, simple, elegant and just what a lady needs! One can get creative with the designs by infusing a few designs together and forming a new and trendy one. The designs can range from big ones to small, abstract to detailed, anklets, sun, moon, stars, waves, etc. Woahh!

That’s a lot, isn’t it!?

Now speaking about the ankle tattoos, one must remember that it (ankle) is a delicate place to get a tattoo on. It’s one of the weight-bearing joints and helps in maintaining the balance of the body. Now you might think as to why this general knowledge, science, and biology related, nerdy kind of stuff?!

It is to remind you of the importance of this tattoo place and the volumes a design on such a delicate yet strong position speaks! Just think about it! Cool right!? The ankle tattoos are one of the most painful tattoos to get. Ankle tattoos are on the ankle, of course, is an area with no fat layer underneath and hence the painful process to get it. An ankle tattoo… Ouch! But Yayyy!

History of Ankle Tattoos

The history of tattoos goes back to thousands of years ago, nearly 5200+ years ago. It is so because of an ancient (male) mummy named OTZI found in the Alps by two Germans. It is about the year of 1991, the oldest evidence of tattoo was found frozen in the ice. When the scientist studied this mummy, they found out that there were tattoos over the body of the mummy. Ankle tattoos were one of them. So, now you get a rough idea about how old are these beautiful tattoos.

Now you may wonder about the fact that OTZI was a man and still had ankle tattoos since the ankle tattoos are most preferred by the women. It’s a long lost history though, but the studies showed that the tattoos were a way of getting rid of ailments of the body through acupuncture. Anyways, fast-forward to the present, an ankle tattoo is a beauty in itself. You can get a small flower, snowflake, sun, sea, waves, dandelion, chandelier, and the list goes on!

Types of Ankle Tattoos

There are a number of ankle tattoos that you may select from. As already mentioned the size may vary, but big ones are usually not taken into account. Since the ankle is a small area and a little painful to get a tattoo on, the ankle tattoos are usually small and precise.

Well, it is totally your choice if you want to get a bigger design! Here are a few designs which will help you to decide your ‘the one.’

‘Anklet’ Ankle Tattoo

You already know what design is being discussed here right now. Of course, the anklet design is much sought after one for the ladies. The anklet is one of women’s most important accessory. Getting one done with permanent ink is just so fun. These ankle tattoos usually are a trend amongst young girls.

Rainbow Tattoos

The rainbow ankle tattoos are colorful, cute and simple to get on. They can be accompanied by other smaller designs such as adding sun or clouds or raindrops. Adding such minute details to the ankle tattoo makes it more appealing.

Compass Ankle Tattoos

As the name suggests, these ankle tattoos are a favorite of the nerdy and science-loving people. Also, those who are fond of seas and oceans and direction related stuff go for this pretty little compass. Compass Tattoos are cool to flaunt around a design that shows direction.

Chandelier Ankle Tattoos

Chandelier ankle tattoo is a modified version of the anklet tattoo design. This design has delicate strings with beads drawn onto them with their end as a crystal or diamond. It looks really pretty on the ankle and also on the foot as it has the chandelier extension onto it.

Hearts Tattoo

Heart Tattoos are the simplest of all the designs for an ankle tattoo. If you are fond of colorful designs, then heart ankle tattoo turns out to be one of the simplest yet pretty designs.

Bow Ankle Tattoo

This design is very simple as it has a string that runs around the ankle and then comes a bow which is (of course) the string put into a knot. If you like to add depth or effect, 3D bow ankle tattoo is just so cool!

Silhouette Tattoo

The silhouette design is as you know, a dark color figure on your skin color which acts as a background. It definitely looks pretty and meaningful if it has more than one figure in it. You can complete the look by getting short hairstyles and haircuts. Hadviser offers some of the very great ideas to check out from.

Zodiac Signs

If you are a girl who is fond of zodiac signs, then this is a perfect design for you. The ankle tattoo can either be a sun-sign which highlights your appearance and presence in the world or the moon-sign which is your personal or inner side that is related to your emotions.

Anchor & Wheel Sign

This is another ankle tattoo which I small, cute and meaningful. The wheel represents life, and the anchor is a way to represent the halting one needs in life to live it.

Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly represents independence and the will to live freely. Butterfly Tattoo is a delicate design which can be made more appealing by adding a few flowers or some abstract designs, etc.

Ankle Tattoo Designs & Ideas

Tattoos can be modified in many ways. Since the ankle tattoos are small and precise and rein such a place where it is a little painful to get a tattoo done, minimalistic improvements in the design may go a long way.

As you have come across earlier, the anklet tattoo can be drawn as an anklet or a bow or can be further modified into a chandelier tattoo design.

A small flower can be composed along with many small flowers resulting in a tiny bunch. Adding a bee that is buzzing around gives the tattoo more meaning and appeal.

Instead of having a single star on the ankle, few star neighbors if drawn, make it look more beautiful and meaningful.


Different designs narrate a different story. They can be drawn on any part of the body you want it to be on. Whether it is the hidden part, the exposed part, ankle, forehead, palm or shin, it is your choice of design and placement area in the end. Ankle tattoos are in vogue among women as they are delicate, simple, elegant and just what a lady needs! One can get creative with the designs by infusing a few designs together and forming a new and trendy one.

The ankle tattoos are one of the most painful tattoos to get. The tattoo history goes back to thousands of years, nearly 5200+ years ago because of an ancient (male) mummy named OTZI.

After the study scientists found out that there were tattoos over the body. Ankle tattoos were one of them. Fast forward to the present, and if you are looking forward to getting an ankle tattoo, hopefully, you’ve found out about the designs and the modifications that you can do to them. Go on and get one pretty design for yourselves!

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