Angel Wing Tattoos

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Are you looking for Wing Tattoos? The book ‘An ancient man with enormous wings’ by Gabriel García Márquez is a story based on Magical Realism, a supernatural or magical event or character with the realistic presentation.

A beautifully written satire, the story revolves around two couples who discover an old, frail man in their backyard after days of torrential rain. Amidst his regular appearance are a pair of enormous wings. He becomes a spectacle for the whole village.

Finding him to be unlike anything they have seen before, they subject him to curious poking, torture. They come up with ridiculous theories and at the end lose interest when everyone finds some new spectacle to grab their attention. They move on and so does the old man after his wings regrow. He flies off into the horizon, into the unknown and away from reality, to where he belongs.

To human nature, anything they don’t understand is magical. Anything they haven’t seen before is alien. The only thing that separated the old man from the rest of the villagers were a pair of beaten down, mud-soaked wings.

Moreover, wings are a symbol of mysticism, a symbol of peace and supreme freedom. Angels are represented with wings, to symbolize purity and as messengers of God.

Wing Tattoos are a popular form of tattoo styles that have always found full preference amongst both men and women.

Angel Wing Tattoos Designs & Ideas

Wing Tattoos are a sophisticated choice of body art by many, with strong symbolism. Wings represent the freedom, a break from rules that govern our lives. Also, wing tattoos are the choice for rebels, for believers of God, for those seeking strength to fight and those who have fought and won.

Angel tattoos being the most popular represent spiritualism and inspiration. A guardian angel, who is always there to protect you and guide you.

Types of Angel Wing Tattoos

  • Tribal wing tattoos that represent warriors who fought with speed and power.
  • Fairy wing tattoos are tiny wings, which guide you to safety.
  • Devil wing tattoos to represent the fallen angel and done in red and black.
  • Religious freedom represented by the Cross with wings.
  • The pink breast cancer ribbon with an angel wing tattooed, to honor and remember someone you may have lost to disease, or you wish to support.
  • The Angelwing tattoo with a halo for the loved one you have lost.
  • Also, bat, butterfly, eagle and bird wings as animal tattoos.
  • The Angel and Demon wing tattoos that symbolize the duality of human nature.

Wing tattoos can be done in a variety of colors and even in monochrome. Moreover, the design depends on the type of wings one is getting inked.

The size of the tattoo is determined mostly by the position of the body part you want to ink. Also, the shoulder blades and chest usually look beautiful with large elaborate and intricate designs of the wing tattoo, incorporated with some element like flowers, hearts, stars or figurines.

Moreover, smaller and more minimalistic wing tattoos look good on the neck, wrists, and feet. The shoulder blades are the most common choice to get inked. One can ink colourful wings on the forearms and legs too.

You can ink a single wing or a pair of wings; the symbolism stays strong. Also, the trick is to get it done by creative professional tattoo artists who can give the overdone wings a fresh breath of life. If you have a person, who wants to break the barriers continually, get winged!

Angel Wing Tattoos on Chest

Angel Wing Tattoos on Wrist

Angel Wing Tattoos on Arms

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