Anchor Tattoos

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The anchor tattoos, with their shiny black arm and powerful anchor embodied aesthetically on the skin, are one of the most trending tattoo design. It is effortless in design and could be altered to suit your personality. There are several types of tattoos available in the market but anchor tattoos are very popular. Did you know that the design is one of the oldest?

Historical Significance and Meaning of Anchor Tattoos

This tattoo started gaining popularity during the early years of Christianity when the Christians were under Roman rule. The tattoo was used to conceal the cross within the anchor by persecuted Christians.

In a way, it served as an “anchor” for them, as a reminder to steadily hold onto their beliefs in the midst of damnation and cruelty inflicted on them. It was also a means to secretly communicate or find out your ally if you were a Christian within that period.

In the sea life, when an anchor falls from the ship, it held the ship steadily in one place and served as a lifesaver in the middle of life-endangering sea storms. It became a symbol of stability, protection, and power amongst the sailors.

It wasn’t uncommon for them to write “Mom” or the name of their sweetheart with the anchor tattoo, to keep themselves grounded and remember their loved ones. There were various designs with chains or ropes woven around the anchor. This reminds you of the nostalgic days of watching Popeye, yet? His anchor tattoo was pretty badass after all.

Is the temptation of getting one growing in your chest? Let me hit you guys up with its meaning. It symbolizes stability; the design radiates power, loyalty, religious belief ( the anchor is also has a special meaning in the Bible), salvation, amongst the never-ending sea of definitions.

Anchor Tattoos Designs Ideas

Classical idea

Aside from the traditional chains around the anchor, it can be made unique as per your style. It can be filled with black or colored ink or just outlined with various colors describing the tattoo. This tattoo can be seen from peeking under the shirt sleeve of a person’s forearm, on the neck, ankle, wrist, upper arm, shoulder, or collarbone.

Floral Design

The head can have a small heart doodled, with chains wrapped delicately along the anchor. This symbolizes love, passion, and emotional bonds. There can also be flowers embodied on the ropes.

With a rose or heart

The tattoo can have a heart in the middle of the anchor. This symbolizes love, passion, care for someone or protecting a loved one.
The rose can also hint at romantic love, or symbolize the loss of a loved one. There are many tattoos with a rose in the center and a cross symbol at the head. Also, it shows preserving the memory of a person whom you’ve lost.

So, why not get a combination of them both?

Popeye Anchor Tattoos

Want to get the tattoo of Popeye, and bask in the glorious fandom feels of your childhood? Then Popeye’s bulging arms with the anchor tattoo are the right one for you.

Tribal Anchor Tattoos

These tattoos are used to symbolize nature, natural elements like fire, wind or simply represent an exotic fusion between the usual anchor tattoos and modern symbols.

These can have a sword like structure, or an anchor tattoo in flames or with intricate feathery borders.

Eagle and Globe Anchor Tattoo

In the U.S. the eagle perched on the anchor and the globe embodied in the anchor, symbolize honor and bravery.

Celtic Anchor Tattoo

These depict loyalty, protection, salvation and look pretty stylish and crafty. Also, People associate them with sea life and have the old designs dating as back as the 1500s. These have small, stylish patterns or symbols throughout the anchor.

Feel excited at the prospect of getting the anchor tattoo? It is simple but stylish, especially for those who are looking forward to getting their first tattoo, and an excellent addition for those who want to add to their previous tattoos.

Anchor Tattoos Designs

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