American Traditional Tattoos

Written by: Pete

Traditional tattoos are the tradition which is around for a long time. Norman Collins, also called as sailor jerry developed a tattoo which was a combination of Japanese technique and his own American vision. His choice of colors and iconography is quite bold and different. Traditional tattoos are still preferred because of their classics that outlive us all.

There are some common tattoos which can be done as a way traditional tattoos are done. The different color palette is available these days which can help us, but the complexity that Sailor Jerry’s has cannot be overcome.

Before knowing about the different traditional tattoos designs and its ideas, we should know about a term called Native American symbol.

Native American symbols are the inspiration and important part of the culture and history of first nations in North America. It provides with a fun, interesting story of life, spirits, and nature around.
So these traditional tattoos are quite depictions of native American symbols, pin-up girls and boys, sparrow combinations, mermaids, the swallow.

It is also inspired by different kinds of designs like hearts, anchors, eagles, as well as navy and other armed forces symbols. Daggers and roses are also among them. We can adapt anything to traditional designs, but for that, we need a proper enthusiast good drawer.

The various ideas about traditional tattoos are:-

Vibrant flowers and love letters- as we know that tattoos are something which should be attractive with full of emotional fuzziness in it. It should speak to someone else. So traditional tattoos depicting love are timeless.

The horseshoe and the rose:- since sailors used to have horseshoe as there lucky champ for there safe journey towards there destination, so they thought it to wear it on there skin. It will provide a benefit in terms of protection as well as it will a part of there look.

The horseshoe can be colored with vivid hues. The combination of horseshoe and rose bring empowering at the same time with delicate and feminine.

Sipping from a cocktail on a real beach:- The strong representative of traditional tattoos is the combination of red and black ink. It is a design of simplicity. Generally, sunset is triggering endorphin releasing areas of our brain which changes the mood automatically.

The swallow that carries flowers:- There is a superstition that swallows carry the souls of dead sailors directly to heaven. Therefore it gets represented by flowers. Swallow also represent hope, love, happiness, and freedom.

Timeless neckband consists of beauty:- it depends upon the person to person that on which part of their body they want a tattoo. It can be neckband which is full of traditional drawn designs.

The butterfly moth and the skull:- This tattoo provides a great powerful visual message. They also speak about the balance between life and death, personality and intensity. It is for women more than a man.

Sailorwoman who blushes:- it seems like she is blushing which basically represent her innocence and femininity. This tattoo gives attention to the middle of her ankle creating a thinner effect.

Anchor and a lost message:- it symbolizes hope and steadfastness. People use to send a message in this way because it has a bottle which seems that holding an invitation to the beach.

Beauty lies in details:- traditional feminine tattoo represents the combination of mirror, lipstick and some flowers. Red, yellow, blue are the warm color for this tattoo. It creates a balanced composition which makes it look amazing on the skin.

Decadence in the traditional style:- whoever had the idea of this tattoo was surely inspired by some style. This tattoo was depicted to taboo. Only a daring person would choose this design.

Love bites literally and figuratively:- literally and figuratively in combined form represent that person probably like spiders and get affected by the depiction of love. The body of the spider should be tiny with a red heart on it.

The magic of an optical illusion:- There are a woman and magic in this design. It is said that she is supposed to hold the middle of her body in the box above her head. There are two women in the tattoo which makes the tattoo easy. The color red which signifies rapidly pumping blood makes the tattoo to die for.

Perfume in an expensive bottle:- It is said that perfume is the the the the elegance of old days. A person who smells like a rose is similar to the fragrance of traditional tattoos.

These are the various tacts and techniques which can be taken while making the best traditional tattoos designs.

MAN WITH SOME MUSCULAR HANDS – A man who is having their body built even slightly more than common men then they can do a tattoo of some pattern like thing, i.e. lines, circles and such patterns which are according to me the best tattoo for showing off their widespread shoulders to other people. Even tattoos like pattern thing are the best to attract anyone as they are so intense and saturated that even we ourselves can’t get rid of it.

*SKINNY MEN – Aman who is not that body built and are just thin and fit then they can have small half sleeved tattoos around their shoulder region which would look the best to them. Tattoos like the small anchor or some small cross would look the best and even suit their personality. Well, there are always some exceptions to everything.

Average average looking man would look the BEST if they have their shoulder covered with some kind of religious tattoos like the face of Buddha, or even some Hindu symbol of OM that of Lord Shiva or some sort of Jesus cross tattoos with the description of some surrounding environment which will allow viewer to have some more feel about it.

*FIT WOMEN – Women who are having some fit body and in some very good figure then the tattoo of some angel or some Barbie or anything which kind of represent symbol of peace or some kind of fairies would add abruptly to their looks, to their physical beauty in the manner one can’t imagine and some light shade of dark colors like ORANGE, RED, BLUE, etc.

*AVERAGE LOOKING WOMEN – Women who are having some average looks would look very charming and loving if they get their shoulders covered with a tattoo which is depicting the nature, i.e. setting sun, rising sun, mountains, and rivers, some village type of stuff would look cooler than anything else. This would make their look totally different means people would see them with totally different vision even though them being average looking.

Tattoos were used by many people as one of the very creative ways of expressing their thoughts, their ideology, and their feelings. Children can do any type of tattoos as they are small and totally new to it. They should be allowed to do a tattoo of any kind, and it would add to their confidence level effectively. And no matter of any tattoo they would fit with any kind of tattoo.

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