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In 2012, Tattify was born between two close friends out of a fascination for tattoo art and a love for fashion and individuality.
You should’ve seen us as a baby (so cute!) The goal was to create temporary tattoos that people would actually want to
wear. Not like those 25 cent ones you find at bowling alleys. Radical, stylish, quirky temporary tattoos that just happen to look
real. With high hopes of what was to come, we got an office the size of a shoe box in sunny Los Angeles. After a lot of
brainstorming, coffee, and sleepless nights Tattify was born as an etsy store with 150 tattoo designs.

Things moved quickly for us and after collaborating with some amazingly talented artists from around the globe, we brought
Tattify to life with weekly releases of fresh new temporary ink. Since those early days, we’ve grown out of our small studio
and moved into our new office in West Hollywood. But one thing never changed, our hunger for more. We’ve since
expanded into nail wraps and have new ventures in the works. After all, we’re just getting started.



We pride ourselves on being a vertically integrated company. That means everything we do is under one roof;
design, development and production. We don't have a sales team, we let our product speak for itself by:


  • 103

    countries shipped to
  • 52

  • 81

  • 579

    nail wraps
  • 767

    temporary tattoos
  • 41,138

    new customers

Meet The Team

Press Kit

Feel free to download our press kit that's chock-full of promotional goodies. You can either click here, or
download from the button below. For more information you can email [email protected].


When other companies want you to look like them, we want you to look like you.

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