Spook-tat-ular for Halloween

The clock is ticking — you don’t want to miss these rad Halloween designs we’re rolling out. Spook-tat-ular at Tattify is here and we’re excited …

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Givenchy Face Jewelry for Fashion Week

Call it punk-infused, call it India-inspired, call it futuristic goth, but whatever you call it, the bejeweled faces on Riccardo Tisci’s 2015 Fall runway is …

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Face Rocks – Your Festival Face Made Simple

Face Rocks have long been adorned by various cultures throughout history, and have recently been illuminating the red carpets and fashion runways by celebrities and …

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Tattify is a bunch of misfits. We're different, quirky, unique, and a little bit crazy. We sell temporary tattoos and nail wraps because we believe everyone has the right to be different, and the right to feel badass (regardless of age). We want you to show your unique style and strut your stuff. Shake what your momma gave you. All in good taste, of course.

So trust your ink-stincts, let's rebel, be young + reckless, stay weird, stick it to the man, liven up the everyday, show us your style. People will stare. Regardless of what they say, you do you.


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