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designer: Ien Levin

Everyone goes through a metamorphosis at some point. Don’t you think it’s time for yours?

SIZE : xl / 6” x 3”

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  1. Alexendria

    5 out of 5

    Use baby powder after you put them on. It makes the tats look real. Then when it’s time for them to come off use baby oil. It’s in the instructions.

  2. Soongi

    4 out of 5

    Hello, I am international student who is very interested in getting imitation tattoo before I will get real one. I purchased it almost 2 weeks ago from amazon, and I really like being TATTOOED by this:) Most of all I like moth design, but it is not that big as picture above. You who want to get this would better to check really size under it’s price. Indeed, still wonderful quality, lasting long- it has been two weeks since I put it on my front neck, and of course I take shower everyday, hahahah. Like Alexendria said, applying baby power on this helps not only it look really, but also it lasts longer on your skin with initial shape. Anyway, I will keep shopping here, and thank you Tattify staffs and designers for providing such nice services. Keep up your good work!!

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