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Choose where you want your tattoo. YOU are the
designer. Add overlays, text and even photos!


Become part of the community with likes,
comments and follows. Share and discover
inspiring inks. Get involved!



Your custom temporary tattoo delivered
straight to your doorstep.


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Have a question? read our FAQ

  • What is the Tattify app?
    • The Tattify mobile app allows you to customize tattoos, get inspired by other tattoos creations and purchase your tattoo as a temporary tattoo. You can also create a profile and shop our current range of Tattify designs available on
  • What are the main features of the app?
    • Users can create tattoos using layers or overlays with our tattoo packs. Packs include fonts, graphics, filters, images from your camera roll. You can share them on our feed or on social platforms, comment and like other images. You can also create a profile page and follow other users and artists.
  • Can I purchase the tattoos that I create?
    • Yes, for $13 you will receive two temporary tattoo of each design within 5 business days making your purchase.
  • Can I create tattoos from my camera roll and instagram images?
    • Yes but you will need to link your instagram account first.
  • Can I create text tattoos ?
    • Yes you can use our font library of 20 free fonts plus hundreds of additional fonts for $1.99
  • Can I create gold metallic tattoos ?
    • Yes you can create gold tattoos but you cannot purchase them as a temporary tattoo in a metallic color. Only CMYK colors are currently supported.
  • Can I make money by selling tattoos that I created on the app?
    • No we currently don’t support commission payments to artists.
  • What are tattoo packs?
    • Packs are a group of designs to use in the creation of tattoos. Their are free packs and paid packs for $0.99 each.
  • All of the design packs are free?
    • No we offer some free packs but also paid premium packs too.
  • Is Tattify available on iTunes and Google Play?
    • Yes.
  • Where can I download the Tattify app?
    • You can download it here. apply for beta
  • How much does it cost to purchase the app?
    • There is no cost to obtain the app. The app is free.
  • How do I report a bug?
    • Please email us at [email protected]
  • How do I report inappropriate behaviour or copyright infringement?
    • Please email us at [email protected]
  • How can I contact the Tattify Team?
    • Please email us at [email protected]
  • I never received my temporary tattoo. What do I do?
    • Please email us at [email protected] with your order number in the subject line and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
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