Q + A With Tattify Artist Official Sean Penn

Caroline Goldfarb is possibly the funniest person we know. Known to her 206K followers as the Patron Saint of Internet Madness, she is building her …

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Q + A With Tattify Artist Rik Lee

Rik Lee is an illustrator from Melbourne, Australia who now resides in Bali. When we shipped Rik his tattoos for the first time, they were …

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Q+A With Tattify Artist Kit King

Kit King is an insanely amazing hyperrealistic painter from Ontario, Canada. You’ve most likely seen her work before and mistaken it for a photograph. Nope. …

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Tattify is a bunch of misfits. We're different, quirky, unique, and a little bit crazy. We sell temporary tattoos and nail wraps because we believe everyone has the right to be different, and the right to feel badass (regardless of age). We want you to show your unique style and strut your stuff. Shake what your momma gave you. All in good taste, of course.

So trust your ink-stincts, let's rebel, be young + reckless, stay weird, stick it to the man, liven up the everyday, show us your style. People will stare. Regardless of what they say, you do you.