Q+A With Audrey Kitching

Ever since MySpace (whoa throwback), Audrey Kitching has been a style icon for me. Her edgy style, crazy colored hair and quirkiness are an inspiration …

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How Two Live x Tattify

Jess and Stef Dadon are better known as the super fab Aussie sisters behind the blog, How Two Live. Have a peek if you want …

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Q+A With Tattify Artist Miss Pop

Miss Pop is a New York City based nail artist who mainly works in editorial magazines and alongside the runway. Simcha (aka Miss Pop) took …

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Tattify is a bunch of misfits. We're different, quirky, unique, and a little bit crazy. We sell temporary tattoos and nail wraps because we believe everyone has the right to be different, and the right to feel badass (regardless of age). We want you to show your unique style and strut your stuff. Shake what your momma gave you. All in good taste, of course.

So trust your ink-stincts, let's rebel, be young + reckless, stay weird, stick it to the man, liven up the everyday, show us your style. People will stare. Regardless of what they say, you do you.



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